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Vocal for Local – Pamper your Skin with 15 Homegrown Organic Handmade Soaps

by Grishma Indap
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Organic Handmade Soaps in India

A refreshing bath at the start of the day is something that we never miss. We’ve capitulated, eat processed food and bathe using chemically laden soap. If you use soap bars filled with loads of chemicals due to lack of options or insouciance, it’s time to grab handmade soaps that are chemical-free, easy on the pocket or chemical-free. From the past few years, handmade soaps are gaining popularity because of their natural and local ingredients. They’re pure and mild which gently cleanses your skin.

But, where can you find these toxic free organic soaps? It can be a daunting task, right? Don’t worry, times have changed, you’ll find quite the best organic handmade soaps in India. Homegrown soap-makers use fresh ingredients that are locally sourced like milk, cocoa butter, shea butter, essential oils, charcoal, grape seed, coffee, jasmine etc to pamper your skin with healthy goodness.

In addition to the benefits of handmade soaps, the COVID pandemic has given us the importance of homegrown production. It has made us realize that we can still fulfill all our necessities with our homegrown products and domestic manufacturers made it possible for us by ensuring the supply chain of basic products is consistent.

So, here’s the list of #MadeInIndia handmade soaps to make your quest for organic handmade soaps end right now.

1. Aroma Essentials

Organic Handmade Soaps in India - Aroma EssentialsAroma essentials make a variety of handmade soaps and other skincare products which are an absolute win for your skin. Their products are natural, lack any form of adulteration and have uplifting aromas.

2. Khadi Naturals

Organic Handmade Soaps in India - Khadi NaturalsKhadi is specialized in making skincare and haircare products using natural ingredients. Their soaps are infused in natural and ayurvedic ingredients to nourish your skin.

3. La Flora Organic Soap BarsOrganic Handmade Soaps in India - La Flora Organic Soap Bars

La flora makes creamy soaps have certified organic ingredients. Their products are enriched with aromatherapy and ancient Ayurveda.

4. Soil and Earth

Organic Handmade Soaps in India - Soil and Earth Soil and Earth make natural luxury soaps claiming their ingredients are directly dependent on the natural surroundings and toxic-free chemicals. From amber musk to date to litchi to green tea to charcoal detox soaps, they have it all.

5. Skinsense Natural Luxury

Organic Handmade Soaps in India - Skinsense Natural LuxurySkinsense luxury soaps are made by combining a simple yet potent natural ingredient by drawing the essence of nature into your skin. Their collection includes beetroot & ginger grass soap, oat milk & lavender soap, peppermint, etc.

6. Neev Herbal

Organic Handmade Soaps in India - Neev HerbalNeev Herbal soaps rejuvenate, heals and softens your skin. Their soaps have refreshing aromas that remove nervous exhaustion from your skin.

7. Vaadi Herbals

Organic Handmade Soaps in India - Vaadi Herbals Vaadi herbals soaps are made with pure extracts of herbs and shrubs that enrich your skin. To provide nutrients and minerals they use  Avocado extract, apricot extract, amla oil, almond oil, agar, etc.

8. Juicy Chemistry

Organic Handmade Soaps in India - Juicy ChemistryJuicy chemistry has a range of soaps suitable for specific skin types and they smell divine.  Their soaps are loaded with nourishing butter, cold-pressed oils, fruits, clay, antioxidant tea and 100% organic ingredients.

9. Quinta Essentia Organic Soaps

Organic Handmade Soaps in India - Quinta Essentia Organic soapsQuinta makes wonderful handmade soap which looks like lip-smacking cupcakes. Their soaps are made of 100% organic coconut oil, essential oils, butter, etc to give luxurious pampering for your skin.

10. Cape of Good Soap

Organic Handmade Soaps in India - Cape of Good soapYou’ll get a cape of good soaps in beautiful shapes and designs. Each soap bar is handcrafted using natural farm ingredients from across the world. Their soaps will surely transform your skin with organic goodness.

11. Do Bandar

Organic Handmade Soaps in India - Do BandarDo Bandar soaps are made using ancient techniques that give nourishment and nutrients that every skin needs. Interestingly,  They use recyclable material for packaging.

12. Rustic Art

Organic Handmade Soaps in India - Rustic ArtRustic art is a certified organic brand that makes toxic and chemical-free soaps. They offer a mind-blowing range of organic soaps from juniper to rose to turmeric to charcoal.

13. Nyaasa

Organic Handmade Soaps in India - NyaasaNyaasa makes luxury products for every skin type. They use handpicked ingredients to make sugar, loofah, butter and middle eastern soaps that feel absolutely great on your skin.

14. Gulnar

Organic Handmade Soaps in India - GulnarGulnar soaps make luxurious bathing soap using natural products that are handmade by artisans. The soap is handcrafted using a variety of flavours like fruit extracts, essential oils, chocolate, vanilla, etc.

15. Ida Naturals

Organic Handmade Soaps in India - Ida NaturalsIda makes handcrafted and biodegradable soaps. They not only make customized soaps but also clear your skincare doubts. Ida offers quality soaps without wasting any natural material in it.

There are more homegrown soap brands in the market to offer your skin the love it deserves. Brands like Raw Rituals, Ilana organics, Earthy Sapo, Alanna, Mountain herbs, Fuschia, Amara Organix, Suganda, Inner being, Indulge handmade, Kan’s natural, Petals & herbs, etc.

Try out these handmade soaps and thank us later!

If you know any more homegrown handmade soaps and have tried one let us know in the comments below.

Also, do tell us your favourite ones.

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