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Vocal for Local – 70 Homegrown Food Brands By Indians for Indians!

by Grishma Indap
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Homegrown food brands by Indians for Indians

PM Narendra Modi has highlighted the importance of the self-reliant economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where he insisted to show support to the local business. His catchphrase ‘Vocal for Local’ has been endorsing the local products. There are so many ways indeed to support our local brands because it’s now or never!

The current Government is also trying to give a major boost under the #VocalForLocal movement. The initiative has given a new force to the development of our local economy in various sectors. There are a lot of foreign food brands that have invaded India from various places. We have always welcomed their products without even bothering to check if those brands have a good effect on the economy and health, but the lockdown has made us realize that.

Supporting Indian brands in this crisis, where import & export has decreased is the best way to help our economy. The targets are set high to evaluate our Indian economy as a boost and there’s much more to accomplish than what the program has aimed for, although it is only possible if we as Indians support and add homegrown products in our shopping cart.

In that spirit, here’s the list of Made in India products from Chocolates to Beer to Ice-creams to choose from over foreign brands when you go shopping.

Indian Ice-cream Brands

Top Indian Ice-cream Brands - #MadeInIndia The ice cream market in India has been booming for many years and we are the world’s largest producer of milk. From brand positioning to taste to flavours, our homegrown Ice cream brands have it all. India’s most promising Ice cream brands are;

Amul Top Indian Ice-cream Brands - Amul - #MadeInIndiaKwality WallsTop Indian Ice-cream Brands - Kwality Walls - #MadeInIndiaNaturalIndian Ice-cream Brands - NaturalVadilalIndian Ice-cream Brands - Vadilal

Arun icecreamsIndian Ice-cream Brands - Arun icecreamsMother DairyIndian Ice-cream Brands - Mother Dairy

Indian Liquor Brands

Indian Liquor BrandsWhile most alcohol brands would be fancy brands from around the world, from whiskey to rum to wine these Indian brands are changing the liquor scene in the country.

Old MonkIndian Liquor Brands - Old MonkBira 91Indian Liquor Brands - Bira 91Sula wineIndian Liquor Brands - Sula wineCharosa wineIndian Liquor Brands - Charosa wine

Greater than GinIndian Liquor Brands - Greater than Gin

Blenders PrideIndian Liquor Brands - Blenders Pride

White Owl BreweryIndian Liquor Brands - White Owl BrewerySimbaIndian Liquor Brands - Simba

Indian Biscuit Brands

Indian Biscuit BrandsIn India, Biscuits have always been our best companion with hot beverages or just for passing the munching time. Indian biscuits brands are always known to bring an endless amount of flavour twists due to the varied choice of everyone.

ParleIndian Biscuit Brands - ParleSunfeastIndian Biscuit Brands - SunfeastBritanniaIndian Biscuit Brands - Britannia

Haldiram BiscuitsIndian Biscuit Brands - Haldiram biscuitsUnibicIndian Biscuit Brands - UnibicPriya GoldIndian Biscuit Brands - Priya Gold

Indian Snacks Brands

Indian Snacks BrandsWith a plethora of snack options in India, Indian namkeens are loved Internationally. From crunchy Banana chips to Bhujias to Namkeen Makhanas, the Indian snacks list goes on and on.






KurkureUncle ChipsBalajiParlesGarden Namkeen

Indian Coffee Brands

Indian Coffee BrandsBrew, It is a necessity for Coffee lovers. They need their morning cup of coffee, stress-relieving coffee, pre-workout coffee and what not!

Country bean

Cafe Coffee Day

Blue TokaiThe Indian beanBruSeven beansThe Coffee CoLeo

Indian Tea Brands

Indian Tea Brands

India is the second-largest producer of Tea in the world. Many just can’t start a day without a nice cup of Chai. A local Tea business alone has a market value of more than 10,000 crores.

Tata Tea

Taj Mahal

Red label

Wagh Bakri


Pataka Premium


Indian Juice Brands

Indian Juice BrandsFruit juices are preferred beverages in India by all age groups and it has become part of daily lifestyle. The packaged fruit juices are available under the number of famous Indian brands.

Real Fruit Juice


Paper Boat


B Natural


24 Mantra


Indian Jam and Sauce Brands

Indian Jam and Sauce Brands

The Indian market has witnessed numerous competitors in Ketchup and Jam production. Consumption of jams, pickles and a variety of sauce has always been prominent in Indian households.




Vimal Agro





Indian Chocolate Brands

Indian Chocolate Brands

Loved by Children and Adults, a favourite mixture of cocoa and sugar with many other Ingredients and proportions- Chocolate. Some so many people are addicted to chocolates that they cannot call it a day without eating one. And I’m one of them.

Mason & Co


Hill Wild



Luv it


Naviluna Artisan Chocolate

All things

Indian Ready To Eat Brands

Indian Ready To Eat BrandsReady to eat food brands are growing very fast in India. Plus, ready to eat food has become a part of busy lives. Few Indian brands also offer a list of delightful cuisines of India, so you won’t miss ‘Ghar ka khana’

Vocal for Local has undoubtedly performed as an excellent initiative to give local brands support in the country. Made in India holds the target to upgrade India into a worldwide manufacturing space and an economically independent nation.

There are so many small players and no-name brands that are made in India and working every day to bring out their presence among Indians. Now, It’s the right time to go local. While we purchase as much as we can from local brands, by truly appreciating what we have. This not only helps our country’s economy but it also creates employment opportunities for local communities and promotes sustainable practices to create world-class products.

Let’s come together and support these homegrown brands as much as we can!

If you know any more homegrown food brands which we haven’t added in the list, let us know in the comments below.


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