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Trees of Eligtnement

by Vikranth S G
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When I was a student and even for some time after that I had a different view on teachers. Even though all my sisters and cousins in my family are teachers. One of the main reasons that every women in our family have opted or has been suggested to be a teacher no matter how well they are educated or qualified because of the safety of women and job security.

The explanation we got from our elders whenever the topic was raised was that
the world is not safe for women. As of me I just thought that Teaching was just any other profession like an engineer, a plumber, a mechanic, or any others out there.
I failed to understand them for me as a student they were at the opposite end of the fence they were there only to make life difficult for me. Even though I had a couple of favorite teachers they were my favorites only because they were good to me not because of what they do. I was some times not happy even with the favorite teachers because of the punishments.

I respected the teachers mostly because they were elders to me and not because of their profession.
A long time after I completed education I had an opportunity to read a book called – Chicken Soup For Soul, it is a collection of stories (real-life stories) the first chapter of the books tells the story about the children of Harlem, New York. It is about the transformation of the underprivileged children from broken families, absent fathers, or mothers they have no option but to go on the streets and join the gangs. During this hard time, one set of people was professional and successful. When they were interviewed each one of them began by using the same words . .. . there was a teacher.

This chapter of the book moved me to tears and I began to reflect upon this for a long time.
There are many people who can influence others like parents, friends, politicians, religious leaders, and more but no one can influence the entire generation as Teachers can, they can mold and form a mind like any other they can give a totally new direction a person.

Today I may not be successful,  professional, or an entrepreneur but whatever I am  I am happy one of the reasons I can clearly say is my teachers. Now I remember my teachers fondly and ask myself what would I be if not for my teachers?  In this world where it is very easy to lose yourself I have been true to myself and at every crossroads of my life, I remember the lessons I thought were useless when I was young.

Would my life be any different than what it is now without those pearls of wisdom they poured out without expecting anything? Would  I be looking at life from a different perspective?  I may not know but without those teachings, I will be helpless and hopeless. Their teachings filled with hope in times of difficulty.
Whatever I know is from them the fact that I am able to write this piece is possible only because of them.   someone said “Teaching is conceptual and intellectual, abstract and concrete, creative, and sequential. It’s about people but framed through ideas. It’s about content, hearts, minds, the past, the future–whatever we can imagine, teaching and learning are both causes and effects”. I thank God for all my teachers without them I am nothing. It is our duty to show  respect and love our teachers

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