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Top 7 Indian Bikes Brands that are ruling the automobile industry in India!

by Pratiksha Panjwani
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Hello dear readers, welcome to myblogus. Today we will help you explore the Indian bike brands that are first class and provide you with fantastic vehicle driving and purchasing experience. Before we get started, let’s have a glance at some recent highlights about the two-wheeler manufacturers in India.

The last financial year didn’t result in that great for Indian bikes manufacturers because of multiple reasons. First, the supreme court banned the selling of BS3 two-wheelers, a nightmare for all the Indian bikes manufacturers. The second reason was the implementation of GST.

This year, the stats are not the same anymore, and the automobile industry’s growth is at par.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 Indian bikes brand that will help you decide which to purchase whenever you plan next to buy a two-wheeler vehicle!


Hero Moto corp

Indian Bikes Brand - Hero Moto corp

Hero Moto Corp, formerly known as hero honda, is the largest bike manufacturers in India. To date, the company has manufactured around 2 million vehicles. It is an Indian multinational company with its headquarters based in New Delhi. The company holds a market share of 46% in the two-wheeler category. In 2006, the company was listed in the list of world’s most respected companies by Forbes, where the hero Moto corp stood at #108. The market capitalization of the company is estimated at around $308 billion.


Hero Moto Corp has a wide product variety of motorcycles, excellent brand equity & high customer loyalty.

TVs Motor Company

Indian Bikes Brand - TVs Motor Company

TVs Motor company is again an Indian multinational company. The company has based its headquarters in Chennai. TVs are the third largest motorcycle company in India, with a revenue of 20,000 crores annually. The company has the annual production of around 3 million vehicles and 4 million as the holding capacity. It is also known as the 2nd largest exporter of cars in more than 60 countries.


One of the largest three two-wheeler manufacturers in India

Bajaj Auto

Indian Bikes Brand - Bajaj Auto

Bajaj auto has recently taken the fourth spot in the list of top Indian bikes brands by selling the maximum number of vehicles in 2019. The company has sold 1287133 units by showing an impressive growth of 28.37 percent compared to last year. Indians have been showing great interest in the Bajaj auto with the exclusive launch of pulsar and platina. The company’s headquarters are established in Pune, Maharashtra, with an annual income of 6613 crores.


Wide variety of motorcycles for the average Indian

Royal Enfield

Indian Bikes Brand - Royal Enfield

Apart from being aware of this brand, we all love the design and the structure of the bikes they make. The design of the Royal Enfield is the ultimate classic. Every other Indian is known to own this stunning bike. The company sold a total of 424805 cycles in the year 2019. The launch of the Royal Enfield was a blockbuster, and it is to date. Royal Enfield was a brand name under the Enfield cycle company limited.


Make bikes like their motto “Made like a gun, goes like a bullet.

Mahindra Two-Wheelers Ltd

Indian Bikes Brand - Mahindra Two-Wheelers Ltd

The Mahindra group’s journey started in 1945 with a small steel trading company ‘Mahindra & Muhammad.’ Mahindra brothers sold their house and used that money to start the business with their CA Ghulam Muhammad. Two years later, Ghulam Mohammed left for Pakistan to become its first finance minister company’s name changed to ‘Mahindra & Mahindra.’ Mahindra is India’s largest utility vehicle & electric vehicle manufacturer. However, Mahindra two-wheeler has not been suitable as the company sold only 2560 units in six months, with a decline of 74.52% in sales.

The foremost popular Mahindra Two Wheelers are Gusto 125, Centuro NXT, Mahindra Duro, and Mahindra Rodeo.


The hybrid business model with a strong presence both “on the ground” and “in the cloud” is the USP of Mahindra’s After-Market business.

Honda Motorcycle And Scooter India

Indian Bikes Brand - Honda motorcycle and scooter India

Honda motorcycle and scooter India is a company owned by the Japanese honda motor company. The company manufactures the great and durable design of the vehicles. The companies’ best-selling vehicles are scooter, Activa followed by dio, aviator, and Grazia. Last year the company sold the maximum number of units, which is estimated at around 32,96,661 vehicles.

According to the recent stats, the hemp company has left behind the hero moti coro by making the growth of 4.77 % in a very short period of time.


Honda offers designer, comfortable, and luxury bikes at affordable prices.

Piaggio Vehicles

Indian Bikes Brand - Piaggio Vehicles

We all know Vespa. Lately, there was a Vespa trend in India where every other person was seen driving the vehicle. Piaggio recently launched another vehicle and added to their exclusive collection. Therefore, Vespa and Aprilia are considered to be the hottest brands of scooters in India owned by Piaggio.

The company has made tremendous growth right after the launch of Vespa!


Lifestyle, iconic, timeless, and ageless design of vehicles


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