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Top 10 Healthy Indian Salt Brands To Rely On!

by Pratiksha Panjwani
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Top 10 healthy Indian salt brands

Salt, a very teeny tiny. Yet a very powerful ingredient in the spice box all over the world. Without this our food is tasteless. Well, who would have thought that a simple ingredient can do this much! India is the third-largest producer of salt. Also, India is one of the country who manufacturers very healthy and prime quality of salt. With the fast-moving and progressing, world people are switching over different healthy Alternatives. Therefore our team of my blogus is here to help you in discovering the tip 10 healthy brands of salts which are purely made in India and are of the superior quality with amazing health benefits.

Before we jump onto the list of top 10 made in India salt brands let’s have a look at some amazing benefits of including the appropriate amount of salt in our diet.

Benefits of consuming salt in our food

Indian salt is commonly known as sodium chloride also and has many different advantages let’s check them out in a detailed manner below.

  • The sodium ions present in the Indian salt helps in improving heart circulation. Sodium ions promote the transmission of impulses and stimulate the cardiac cells to transmit signals and beat.
  • The deficiency of iodine ions leads to thyroid fever. Therefore it is very important to consume salt for better cellular functions and good rate of metabolism. It is also very important for pregnant women as it helps in the healthy brain development of babies.
  • Consumption of salt also helps in maintaining the right amount of insulin and lowers the risk of diabetes.
  • This simple ingredient when mixed with water and applied on the skin can help in getting rid of itching inflammation.

Well, these are just the highlights there are many advantages of consuming salt in our day to day life.

Now, let’s jump into the list of top 10 made in India salt brands so that you can choose your healthy option.

1. Tata Salt- Desh ka namak

Made in India Salt Brands - Tata salt- Desh ka namak

Tata chemicals launched the Tata salts in the year 1983. Tata salt was considered to be the first packaged iodised salt in India. Today, it is one of the largest salt producer company having a market share of around 17 per cent. The brand is commonly found in every Indian house and comes in different variants too.


  • Tata Salt Lite, Low Sodium, 1kg
  • Tata Salt, 1Kg
  • TATA Salt Rock Salt, 1kg

Price range

  •  Starts from 18rs to 45rs of different variants

2. Aashirvaad Salt

Made in India Salt Brands - Aashirvaad Salt

There is nothing more important than consuming salt. ITC launched the branded packaged salt of the aashirvaad brand in 2003. The brand is popularly known for maintaining its correct amount of iodine in Salt. The best quality of salt is ensured by their excellent manufacturing process. The brand also deals with other kitchen ingredients and spices too.


  • Aashirvad salt, iodised, 1kg
  • Aashirvad proactive, low sodium salt,1kg

Price range

  • Starts from 15 rs to 45 rs of different variants

3. Catch, Iodised Table Salt

Made in India Salt Brands - Catch, iodised table salt

Catch spices are very common in every kitchen and are popularly known synonyms for their quality and innovation. In 1987 the DS group launched the catch tabletop sprinklers in 1987. The launch became super hit since then and Indians loved garnishing their food with these cute salt sprinklers. Catch also launched the whole series of spices including chilli powder, coriander powder, and all the other different kind of spices too.


  • Catch sprinklers, iodised salt, 200gms
  • Catch sprinklers, black salt, 200gms
  • Catch sprinklers, sendha salt, 200gms

Price range

  • Starts from Rs. 35 to Rs. 50 rs

4. Saffola Salt

Made in India Salt Brands - Saffola Salt

Saffola brand is popularly known in the manufacturing of oils. In 1998 the marioca brand, the very owner of saffola launched saffola salt. The saffola salt is equally potent to saffola oil and works wonders on human health. The brand has proved its tagline of ‘the heart of a healthy family’ by manufacturing a reduced percentage of sodium salt. The lowered level of sodium helps in managing high blood pressure.


  • Saffola low sodium salt

Price range

  • Starts from Rs 35 to 45

5. Puro Salt

Made in India Salt Brands - Puro Salt

Puro salt is not s very popular brand of salt yet. But we believe in coming days the puro salt will be a part of every Indian household. Puro salt is India’s first purest and healthiest manufactured salt. The brand was launched in 2016. For now, the product is sold over in 150+ cities. The benefits of consuming this salt have been proved by the Charaka Samhita, the most popular form of authentic Ayurveda. The startup is growing exponentially day by day.


  • Puro healthy salt 500gms
  • Puro healthy crystal Salt 500gms

Price range

  • Straight from nature, the price of the salt starts from 100 rs to 300rs depending on the other variants.

6. Annapurna Salt

Made in India Salt Brands - Annapurna Salt

Annapurna salt, launched in early 1195 by the Hindustan Unilever. The Annapurna salt was launched in concern to when iodine deficiency became a serious health issue in India. The band played a critical role in improving the condition of India by manufacturing iodine-based salt. Till now, the brand serves its users and customers by providing them with the right amount of iodine in their diet.


  • Annapurna iodised salt, 1kg
  • Annapurna crystal salt, 1kg

 Price range

  • Starts from 40 rs to 110rs depending on the other variants of the salt.

7. Nirma Shudh Salt

Made in India Salt Brands - Nirma shudh salt

The salt was launched in 2000 and is a quality product from a popular brand Nirma. Consuming of Nirma salt has many health benefits. The salt is completely fortified with iodine. Nirma salt is the only Indian salt that is synthesized by using Akzo Nobel technology. The salt has many unique selling prepositions like saltiness, whiteness and it’s purity. The salt is widely used by Indians for the preparation of the delicious meals.


  • Nirma shudh iodised salt, 1kg
  • Nirma shudh iodised salt, 2kg

Price Range:

  • Starts from 15rs to 30 rs According to different variants.

8. Patanjali Salt

Made in India Salt Brands - Patanjali salt

Patanjali brand was launched in 2006. The brand deals in the manufacturing of a great variety of products in various segments like skin care, spices, ayurvedic medicines biscuits, and other gourmet and dairy food. The brand launched its exclusive series of salts. As the brand has gained immense trust over the past few years people trusted the salt brand and it was again a hit in their collection. The brand manufacturers the products in a very healthy manner with amazing health benefits.


  • Patanjali iodine salt, 1kg
  • Patanjali Rock Salt, 500gm
  • Patanjali double fortified iron salt 500gm
  • Patanjali black salt 200gm

Price Range

  • Starts from 13rs to 50rs depending on different salt variants.

9. Akar Salt

Made in India Salt Brands - Akar salt

The company started manufacturing salt in 1976. The salt made by the company is pure and claims to deliver the right amount of iodine. The salt is available in tablet form and crystal form. The brand “AKAR” is synonymous with cooking and taste in the majority of the households. the brand has been planning to launch more spice products, food and gourmet products.


  • Akar iodised salt, 1kg
  • Akar crystal iodised salt, 1kg
  • Akar refined iodised salt, 1kg
  • Akar sendha salt, 500gm

Price Range

  • Starts from Rs 20 to 60 rs depending on the different variants of salt

10. Sundar Health Salt

Made in India Salt Brands - Sundar health salt

Sundar health salt comes with a very popular tagline “enriched with micronutrients for daily cooking” the brand stands firmly in its tagline by providing the users of India with the best quality of sea salt. It provides micronutrients to your families like iodine, multivitamin, vitamin B12, iron, zinc, folic acid and other materials daily. The brand has started adding various other gourmet products in its category. It also improves work performance in adults.


  • Sundar health iodised salt, 1kg

Price range:

The pricing of the salt starts from 15 rs to 35rs.


Salt is a very essential ingredient. No one can neglect the usage of salt entirely. Though, it is very important to consume salt in a very decent and appropriate quantity. Daily, an adult consumes around 2g of salt every day. The salt brands mentioned above in the list are solely manufactured in India. You can select the best option of the brand according to your health requirements and the amount of iodine present in the salt. There are many health benefits of iodine as it helps in controlling body base metabolism rate and optimal energy levels.

Therefore, select the best quality of Indian salt. Let’s take a small step and help India in improving the Indian economy by being vocal for local.

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