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This one is for Mom

by Shweta Brijpuria
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This one is for MOM

Mummy, I can’t even count the number of times I call you. Your name may be Mrs. Savita Manoj Brijpuria to the world but to me you are my mother. The one who brought me to this world and the one who taught me to deal with this world.

You are the best teacher to me and I have learnt so much from you.

You taught me to be good to the ones who are good to you and be ten times as good to the world who are bad to you as it ensures that they are left with no option but to agree with you.

You taught me to walk the world learning their customs but to never forget my personal values.

I loved the way you fought for me. I appreciate how you attended my school functions to make me smile whether I participated or not. I adored you for loving me even when I failed. I appreciate your belief that I would learn the information I needed to know when the time was right, through school, college or life, and if I never learnt then probably there was no need for me to learn and I could survive without knowing it.

Mom you actually made me achieve so much, with your strength and belief.

I hated Math and still do but your challenge to my Math teacher helped me to actually become a Math Honours so that with pride you could flaunt about it.

I probably am the most fickle minded child of yours but to every rejection or new decision you had a logical reason to give to papa, as he fumed.

I have live my life the way I want because you believed I could so I believed that I could.

You may have not been like other moms. You may have cried when I fell down but you also taught me to be thankful that I could stand back up.

You never wore make up but you never stopped me from trying it on me. You believe in being yourself and that is what I love about you. You have always been the strength of our family and would always be.

I love you for being who you are. You are different and I love you for that. You hated to cook still I never remember a day or a meal you skipped because you did not feel like cooking. The way you supported Papa through all the highs and lows makes me respect you more as a person. From taking charge of his work to us at home, every responsibility that you handle is so perfect with all your lovely imperfections. You learnt driving after your heart attack and everyone looked at your courage with amazement.

I still remember when I was asked who is my role model I could only say ‘My Mother’ not just because you are my mum but because you are a strongest person I know. I want to be like you. I want to have the strength you have.

Mom may you live your dream…I would love to see you doing all you want to in life.

Thank you mom for teaching us to be individuals. Thank you for your little gestures that make me feel so special, so connected to you. I sometimes doubt if I could be such a complete mother to my own kids.

Love you always

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