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The curiosity

by Shweta Brijpuria
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The curiosity

We as a human beings are curious about almost everything in the world – right from our future to life after death. God has given us the most beautiful gift of our minds, which gives us the power to imagine and transform our desires into reality.

They say ‘you are what you think’ and that is true. Many in this world never grow, develop, or achieve because they cannot imagine they could be more than what they are. Others use their strongest desires to transform their lives, challenge their situation, and become who they want to be.

The Curiosity

The Curiosity


They say ‘happiness is a state of mind’. What makes you happy might not make another person happy.

Millions of people could fight for happiness, never realizing happiness is individual-centric. In fact, the criterion for happiness for every individual keeps changing. What made us happy a few years back, may not achieve the same result today. As our desires change, so does the path of happiness. We have to follow our curiosity to our core to discover what makes us happy while simultaneously understanding that we do not actually want to understand what happiness means nor do we ever want to challenge our capacity to remain happy once we reach there.

This is how we are made. We have this power to think and we keep messing with the productive side of this virtue. We become our own enemy; we keep following others who we feel are principally strong without realizing that we never looked into our own strengths. We definitely need a Guru who would direct our ways to get answers to those curiosities but we don’t have to follow his path towards getting our answers. We are given this life to have our own experiences.

Be curious but reasonable, this is what I have learned from life because happiness lies within you only thing we need to do is accept.

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