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The 8 stages

by Prithvi Gulati
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Sufferings, a complex word it seems,
It is an integral part of our life that holds onto us as the best buddy.

Cold, your emotions would be,
It doesn’t mean you will give up easily when you are feeling lost and hopeless.

Sacrifices, you would expect,
It will make you lose more people as you walk ahead who won’t be a support to you anymore.

Thoughts, they’d be tagged as negative,
It will make you drown in guilt which they keep feeding to our mind every now and then.

Hatred, you will be followed with,
It makes a bunch of people to face the reality of what they lack and what you are crowned with.

Doubts, paved road with hurdles,
It slows you down but you have to make choices to cross it in search of a new direction.

Failure, scared you might feel,
It makes you turn coal into diamonds and let you taste the never tasted immortality.

Satisfaction, amidst turmoil circumstances,
It makes you happy even for the itsy-bitsy success you had after a long conflict.

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