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Storage Tower

by Shehnaz Gujral
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My abode is sanitized every a.m.

Scarred mound of rot and rotten

Swept and brushed to the yellow truck

Lazing as a cat in the Sun

Sauna bath I get in the yard

Dull and bland I am in my vacant self

I set my eyes to be chock-full

To welcome peels, shells and seeds

Smash and shatter of beer bottles

Squeaking corks, cans and containers

By noon, I am half full

Leftovers, rags and crumpled pages

Twigs and withered browns and faded reds

Delights of yesterday on walls and peg tables

Abandoned adorns house in me today

Spoken as stinking and malodorous

Kicked to test filthy fullness

Oldies and young retort like

I am a trampoline park to my cronies

Cawing crows, purring cats and kept dog

Filth for men, midday meal for buddies

Black hole of Calcutta in the midst of night

Spiteful spits carry the cram at sunrise.

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