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Source of motivation and how it changed my life

by Shweta Brijpuria
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Source of motivation

We are born with a purpose, a purpose beyond our duties as children to our parents, siblings to siblings and friends to friends. We need to use the talents God has given us to fulfil our purpose as human beings, towards human kind. To fulfil our purpose, we need to look for our source of motivation. I found mine within my own family.

As a child, I drew my motivation and inspiration from my father, who generously spent thousands of rupees educating the children of his site workers. I initially thought he was wasting his money but my mother explained that he wanted to bring joy to their lives like we had in ours. And it did! It brought smiles to the faces of both the children and parents.

They taught me that we as human being must be generous to those less fortunate.

As an adult, when I bought my first house, I threw a party for my closest family and friends. My father did not come, he told me to enjoy myself. I was a bit disappointed until my mother explained that he was very happy for me, but he wanted to give thanks for these gifts to him and his daughter.

They taught me that we as human being should be grateful.

As an adult, when I struggled my siblings would prop me up with motivational quotes and long conversations until I felt better. I remember one quote vividly, ‘There is always a dark night before the beautiful dawn, don’t forget even the negatives are black before they churn out a beautiful photograph.’ They through their words of motivation and continuous support have made me who I am today!

They taught me that we as human should be supportive.

Source – https://shwetabrijpuria.wordpress.com/2014/10/26/source-of-motivation-and-how-it-changed-my-life/

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