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Seriousness Of Mental Health

by AG
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‘Hum Haar Jeet, Success Failure Mein Itna Ulajh Gaye Hai Ki Zindagi Jeena Bhool Gaye Hai… Zindagi Mein Agar Kuch Sab Se Zyada Important Hai Toh Woh Hai Khud Zindagi…’

‘Tumhara Result Decide Nahi Karta Hai Ki Tum Loser Ho Ki Nahi, Tumhari Koshish Decide Karti Hai…’

‘Success Ke Baad Ka Plan Sabke Paas Hai, Lekin Agar Galti Se Fail Ho Gaye, Toh Failure Se Kaise Deal Karna Hai, Iski Koi Baat Hi Nahi Karna Chahta…’

This is how Sushant Singh Rajput had inspired everyone with his 2019 film, Chhichhore, and came to a ray of hope for the ones, who had suicidal thoughts. ‘Suicide is not an option’ is what SSR had taught us, but look at the irony, he himself took his life on June 14, 2020, at his Mumbai residence. Reportedly, he was going battling depression from the past few months. While we mourn the loss of this great talent and a gem of Bollywood, Sushant’s suicide has made us wonder how mental health isn’t given the importance it deserves in our country. While a lot of celebrities have been de-stigmatizing discussions around mental health and depression, but the demise of Sushant paved the way to the seriousness of mental health and will hopefully bring these issues into the light.

The most concerning and strangest thing about Mental Health is that there’s no pattern or explanation or sign to recognize what someone’s dealing with from inside. It’s not always a failure that’s responsible for mental health, depression doesn’t discriminate and it can happen to even the ones who are living a ‘perfect’ life.

There are a lot of people saying on social media that anyone who needs help can call them or talk to them. Many are addressing mental health and depression and asking their dear ones to contact them if they want to talk. But the reality is that no one genuinely cares. Whenever someone tries to open up about their problems and express their emotions to their parents, siblings or friends, the only thing they have got in return is ‘Kitna rota/roti hai yaar tu’, ‘yaar paka mat’, ‘chal such aur baat karte hai’, ‘A lot of people are worse off than you are’, ‘Just deal with it and smile more’, ‘Believe me, I know how you feel. I was depressed once for several days’, ‘What do you even have to be depressed about?’, ‘It’s just a phase, it’ll pass’, ‘It’s just a phase, it’ll pass’, ‘It’s all in your mind’ and whatnot. Even the person is made fun of and teased in front of other people.

It’s high time that we don’t say such things unless we mean it. It you genuinely can hear someone and help them overcome their inner conflicts, then only say, ‘I’m there for you’. Just don’t say things for the sake of it. Because in reality, we will never understand the pain of not being able to sleep at night, crying at random situations in a day and fighting with problems they’re dealing with unless we are in their shoes. The least we can do is open the channels of free-flowing conversations devoid of prejudices and judgements to help the ones, who need us to fight the battle with their own-self.

The pandemic 2020 has not only affected the lives of millions of people physically, but it had also taken a toll on the mental health of most of us. As per the WHO report, more than 7.5% of our country is suffering from mental health issues and it has increased during the pandemic. The pandemic, lockdown, and uncertainty of future, depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues have increased swiftly. This is the time when everyone needs to come together as a ray of hope, if not complete sunshine, to the ones struggling with mental disorders.

More than we could expect and understand, it is that difficult for a person suffering from any mental health challenge to express. It takes the unimaginable effort for that person to pick up the phone and dial to someone to talk about how they feel and express what’s going on in their mind. So, YOU can text them instead of waiting for their message and ask if they’re okay. YOU can call them once in a while and ask how things are going at their end. When you say they’re important to you and you’re just a text/call away, make sure you ‘mean’ it and never let them feel that they’re alone in this.

We would like to conclude with the old saying by Spider Robinson, “Shared sorrow is lessened, shared joy is increased”! While most of us deal with mental health on our own, honestly, that’s not how it should be and you must seek out for help. If not your family or friends, try the online helpline numbers. But it is important to understand that you’re not alone in this and letting go of your emotions and feelings in certain interactions can be helpful.

If you want to talk, we are ready to listen. So, if you have a story to tell or a problem to discuss, share it with us. To reach out to us, please mail us on contactus@myblogus.com or join #MyBlogUs community.

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