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by Vishakha Choubey
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Though you are not with me,
But you are still alive in me.

Yes, am enjoying my life and
Having new beginnings,
But when am alone and sit aside
I miss you every evenings.

There was a huge difference
In ages of ours,
But our relationship was just like
a bunch of
Two beautiful flowers.

The place where you used to sit,
The things you used to use,
Remind me of you everytime,
I cannot refuse.

The winter, the summer,
The spring and the showers,
Seasons went away but I still
Remember each talk of ours.

The Cardigan of yours,
I wore giving your fragrance;
In a so-called busy day,
I never forget your remembrance.

Sometimes these tears do not stop,
Though I try;
Then I just sleep but my heart
continue to cry.

I hope you could come to me
Just for once,
I wanna hug you tight to
Feel your presence.

I will hear the stories, the poem
You used to say;
Will hold you tight and
Never allow you to go away.

Miss you Dadi, you were
One in a million;
Love you forever,
I say looking at stars which are billion……..

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Shehnaz Gujral July 21, 2020 - 5:35 pm

Melancholic musings!

Vishakha Choubey July 21, 2020 - 6:01 pm



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