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One Creepy Reason Why I Stopped Working Night Shifts

by Grishma Indap
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Say no to night shifts

Okay, here’s the truth: working night shifts is not anyone’s cup of tea, especially if you’re working at food outlets on the driveway late at night. If someone is willing to work night shifts, they are the bravest person!

Don’t believe me? Here’s the creepiest story of my friend, who used to work at the world’s famous fast-food outlet at night.

This is what he shared with me:

It happened 5 years ago when I was 18 and in desperate need of a job for daily expenses. Finally, I got a part-time job at the nearest food outlet. Since I was going to college during the day-time, I took the night shift. At this point, I’d been working over there for straight 6 months, the pay was good and everything was going normal until one night and that was the last night shift I would ever do in my entire life. It was 1 o’clock at night, everyone went home except my manager.

Working in night shift story

It was fairly very quiet like always, he was cleaning the floors, whereas I was filling the ketchup bottles for the next day. One lady walked in and stood at the front register, she was looking a little weird. I asked her order, she continuously stared at me and left. It was a very strange feeling but I took no notice of it because I was very busy filling ketchup bottles.

After some time, my manager went inside to do some inventory. Suddenly my eyes glanced at the window. When I looked at the window, I saw the same woman with a strange man staring straight at me. At that moment, I thought it must be my imagination because who would stand outside at night. I continued my work, and a bit later my attention went to the window again when I heard banging noise.

Working in night shift I went straight to the manager and told my manager. To have a better look he went outside but he couldn’t see anyone. My manager asked me to close all the windows, when I was trying to close the drive-thru window I swear I saw the same man earlier from the window standing at the drive-thru window, he had a blank look on his face and started banging the window. I started yelling and frantically told my manager again. My manager came back to check and the man started throwing stones at the window which shattered the outside layer of the window. He seemed drunk or he was a ghost, I don’t know. I couldn’t wait for another minute.

My manager called the police before the police arrived, both of them were gone. The camera outside got the visuals of both of them. They were never found and I’m forever worried that they’ll come back. We both went home safely, I felt sort of relieved as I reached home and decided that night I would never ever do a night shift again.

Not terrified yet? If you have your own scary night shift story to share. Email to us!

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