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Positivity Is The Solution To All Problems

by AG
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Be positive

As cliché as it may sound but a happy heart and positivity in life is the solution to all the problems. And the key to a happy heart and positivity in life is some permanent fixes to find true happiness by taking the inner route. Yes, sometimes things don’t fall into place and you’re left wondering about some unanswered questions. During your grim days, you don’t want to hear about the sunshiney talks but in the end, it is all about the perspective in life. Life comes with its own share of highs and lows but it leaves with the experience that makes us wiser than before.

‘Is your glass half-empty or half-full?’ is the age-old question that reflects your perspective towards life. Being positive doesn’t mean that you ignore the difficult situations in your life but instead, it means that you face it with positivity and an optimistic approach. Everything in life comes with a target and it drains a person, mentally as well as physically, to balance it out. We all, at some point in life, experience a situation, or an incident that changes our perspective forever.

For instance, let us brief you on the life story of an author and cancer-survivor, Anita Moorjani. Author of ‘Dying To Be Me’, Anita is a woman with inspirational and remarkable life story. According to her official website, Anita’s story goes like:

“After a 4-year battle with cancer, Anita fell into a coma and was given days to live. As her doctors gathered to revive her, she journeyed into a near-death experience (NDE) where she was surrounded by unconditional love and deep wisdom. In this place, she was given a powerful truth: HEAVEN IS NOT A DESTINATION; IT IS A STATE OF BEING. DURING HER NDE, ANITA WAS ALSO GIVEN THE CHOICE TO RETURN TO HER PHYSICAL FORM OR TO CONTINUE INTO THIS NEW REALM. She chose the former. And when she regained consciousness, her cancer began to heal. To the amazement of her doctors, she was free of countless tumors and cancer indicators within weeks.”

As we say, sometimes life does gives us lemons but what we make out of it is on us! We must always remember that everything happens, just at the right time. Life not always goes as per your plan and it’s okay. Train your mind to see something positive and good in everything. You never lose. You either win, or you learn something.

To become a happier person, one needs to get rid of the negativity in life and the toxic feelings they have been experiencing which take them down. Transforming the toxic feelings into a positive one will help you attain happiness. Don’t see yourself as a house of flaws. Everyone has a flaw, so, it’s better to accept it and work on it instead of letting it overshadow you. The grass definitely looks greener on the other side but what you can’t see is the struggles and problems beneath the grass. Being unhappy with others’ happiness is only your loss. Things will never be the same for everyone. Enjoy what you have and someday, maybe you will end up having something even more amazing than ‘others’. Look at the glass half full and not as half empty. All you need is a little change in your perspective and the blues will go away from your life. Give yourself permission to make mistakes but never give up. Learn to forgive and forget as that is how you will be able to focus on the present and future. Live your life with positivity and see how happiness will chase you! Don’t let any judgment or criticism affect you in such a way that it makes you feel like a loser. Don’t let them control your emotions and frame your personality. There are so many things that you have and someone else doesn’t. And so is vice versa. Find peace in what you have. ‘Will I’ and ‘Only if’ will just stop you from finding happiness in life and won’t let you see the sunshine in the dark clouds. But be determined to make your heart smile no matter how messy your life is!

If you want to attain a positive and happier state of mind, then you need to replace the negative thinking habit with a newer and better version. Some happy thoughts in a day and positive words around you will make you eventually feel better and in a good frame of mind! Don’t you agree with us? Let us know if you have any experience that changed your perspective towards life! Write to us on contactus@myblogus.com or join #MyBlogUs community.

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