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Multitasking Is Rare-Check If You Can

by Deepesh Tripathi
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Multitasking Good Vs Bad

Multitasking Good Vs Bad, Is it for You?

Habit drives humans very often. Multitasking is one of the habits which many of us follow in the modern age as a survival tool. Well it was time when it was considered good to handle things parallel.but over the period of time things have changed quite a bit and it is not a good idea for humans to do multitasking.

Researchers have recently published that humans aren’t that great in parallel processing. as a matter of fact according to a study only 2% of people are good at multitasking. (source)

Importance of Focus

On the other hand eastern philosophy depicts the importance of focus. Eastern philosophy advises people to stay in focus. we do not know with evidence about when in the race of life humans became multitasker to achieve the goal faster to save time.

Hindu tradition since the beginning recommended doing things with full focus and attention i.e with “dhyana”.

“Dhyana” does not only mean meditative state of mind or to be in meditation. it also means to be fully attentive with the work or subject at one point of time with full of your focus and mental/physical energy.

Hindu philosophy always promoted this state of mind not only for spiritual purposes but as a way of living.

If someone is trying to travel in two boats surely chances of him getting far is very rare. Hence if you just want a nomadic life, then you may choose to be a multitasker or whatever way you want to handle it.

However, if you are facing problems like mood swings, feeling low energy levels, or not feeling satisfaction in whatever you do. multitasking is not a good idea for your pursuits.

The habit of Multitasking may be one of the things you are doing wrong by keeping your legs in two boats at the same time, and due to this your life is less productive and fertile.

If you really want to see the results of your actions. start putting all your energy into one single goal until you accomplish it.

once you accomplish the last goal set, you are good to go for the next one. But avoid doing things in parallel as it will only scatter your energy and results will be too little.

Role of “Dhayan” | Meditation

“Dhayana” has very subtle meaning. When you put your “Dhayan” at one place or work, you start feeling oneness with that subject. During meditation, the meditator concentrates on the life force which makes mediator one with life force.

Similarly when you handle one task at a time you start experiencing excellence in the subject.which expands the horizon for humans and creates productive result space.

Over the period of time as you have put all your life force in that subject.which further excels the being inside you and results in the creation of legends.


Studies suggest only 2% of people are good at multi-tasking, I am not saying that you cannot be if your life demands this characteristic from you. But in order to be a multi-tasker just check your needs and lifestyle and acquire all the skills which can make you a good multi-tasker. For majority cases you do not need to be a one because the art of saying “No” gives a new identity to your personality and develops the new perspective of thinking about yourself.

Focus and Attention are the two things which everyone desires in his life, as you already know what they have to offer you is only excellence, rather than being a multi-tasker, you can choose to be the executor of different ideas yet one at a time, this will surely add more credentials and stars in making of your identity.

Source – shorturl.at/nCRV0

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