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by Shweta Brijpuria
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‘I’ve made mistakes,

I’ve taken wrong turns

Scolding I’ve heard

Punishments I’ve received

But I cannot regret

For new paths were forged,

New friends were made,

New lessons were learnt that I will never forget

So, I say with pride

Hum un thode besharam logon mein se hai

jo galtiyaan kar kar ke seekh te hain.’

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, most unintentionally, but some intentionally.

Intentionally! I can hear the shock.

The questions – Are you mad? Why would you make mistakes intentionally?

I am a firm believer of the philosophy, ‘You learn from your mistakes’. If you don’t make mistakes, you do not learn or grow. Here are a few mistakes that have changed my life, forced me to grow or simply changed the way I think.

I remember being in the 6th standard, just a young girl with her first crush. My neighborhood friends kept encouraging me to tell ‘Wo ladka’ that I liked him, but I didn’t. Then, his father was transferred and he moved away, without me knowing his name. Aaj, facebook par bhi dhoondne se nahi milega. This was a mistake I made as an eleven year old, but it taught me a valuable lesson ‘if you like someone, let them know or at least naam to pooch lo’. Dil ka bojh kam hua aisa lagta hai Now, if I find someone cute, I speak to them and at least learn their names.

Lesson: Sometimes in life, mistakes are not the steps taken, rather they are the steps not taken. Do something and regret it for a little while rather than not do something and regret it for a lifetime.


Being afraid – ‘Pakade gaye to kya hoga?’ often rules the way we live our life.

We focus on the consequences of making mistakes, not realizing that making mistakes can be fun.

Not me!

The first time, I deliberately made a mistake was while I was still in school. It was exam time and during the Geography paper, I watched my classmates whisper and help each other. It looked like fun and I felt left out. I was young and I didn’t understand the reason behind the cheating, ‘Not knowing the answer, not wanting to fail’. All I saw was a fun game that I wasn’t a part of. During the next exam, I was determined to play. I said to a friend, ‘Hey listen, I have written this answer to question no xyz, I will read it out to you, please tell me if the answer is correct.’ She agreed, we got caught and received – 5 for that mistake.

Lesson: Learn the basics of cheating if you are going to cheat or suffer the consequences.

As I grew older and headed off to college, I didn’t stop making mistakes. In fact, I would say that the mistakes I made were larger and had a much greater impact on my life.

A prime example, I never intended to study mathematics in college, but I scored the highest marks in mathematics for my 10th standard board exam. So, of course, I had to study mathematics in college.

My great math score forced me to study subjects that scared me. I wasn’t sure I would succeed. I was afraid to disappoint everyone. This unpredicted change forced me to face my biggest fears and made me stronger. Today, I am a Mathematics Honors graduate.

Lesson: Sometimes the mistakes that you make take you places that you would have never dreamt in your life. So enjoy them!

As children, as teenagers, we often assume that once we grow up, we will no longer make mistakes. I am now an adult, but I still make mistakes. Every new situation brings new mistakes. The only difference is that over the years, life has taught me the art of making mistakes and fixing mistakes. This makes fixing the damage much easier.

The truth is as long as you are alive, you will keep making mistakes. Do not fear making mistakes. View them as a rite of passage that helps one grow, learn and evolve. They are life’s lessons. They are the joys and regrets of truly living life. So, when you make a mistake you regret, tell yourself – ‘Khade ho jao, gir gir kar hi bade hote hai.’

I do

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