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Is Mental Health Disorder The New Pandemic?

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Is Mental Health illness The New Pandemic?

Since every May marks to be the Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s see how things changed for everyone in 2020 with the ongoing pandemic. We have seen in sci-fi and action films when the world is in danger from a villain monster, a deadly disease, or some failed experiment, millions of people get killed. But only to be saved by the superheroes! Though we know that movies aren’t real, they do reflect the society we live in. And as much as we would have hoped for such disaster to not turn out to be true, we are stuck with a pandemic which is proving to be the new normal of our lives.

Remember how you had bought expensive party passes to ring in the year 2020 with your loved ones? Looks like a waste now, isn’t it? Who would have thought that two months into the year and we will all be locked inside our homes to stay safe and alive? And staying at home in quarantine had people dealing with mental issues. Like the number of cases is increasing with each passing day in the pandemic, similarly, the cases of mental health disorders, alcohol addictions, loneliness, stress, anxiety, the trauma of uncertainty of future, have also increased. Not being able to see the light of the day has caused anxiety, the layoffs in jobs have caused stress and not being able to meet family, relatives, and friends have made the pandemic more isolating.

Most of us have resorted to social media and OTT platforms to pass away our time. Looking at the world that looks greener leads to unhealthy comparisons and makes one feel left out. Instead, try something new at home, indulge in online courses, read your favorite book that you have ordered, or speak to your loved ones via video calls. Do what makes you happy instead of dwelling on what you don’t have.

Is Mental Health Disorder The New Pandemic?

Over drinking and alcohol addiction is no solution to your ‘sitting at home alone and bored’ problem. Alcohol will only increase your feelings of anxiety, loneliness and isolation. Why don’t you try having a routine with a proper workout regime and a healthy diet? Do some physical activity rather than doing nothing at all and no, drinking alcohol doesn’t count! Keep your mind in the right frame and improve your overall health instead of ruining it.

Dealing with stress and anxiety of when will this pandemic end or what will happen in the future? Nothing will happen by worrying. It will only give you sleepless nights and you will miss out on some good moments of the present while worrying about the future. We know that it is easy to say when life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade. But what’s the harm in trying, right? It will be difficult in the beginning so you can try with some meditation to help you positively reinforce yourself. Eventually, it will help you feel grateful and content with what you have than being stressed and depressed for what you don’t.

Is Mental Health illness New Pandemic?

And if you feel the situation is really out of your control, then don’t hesitate in seeking help from someone. Yes, it is even more nerve-racking to talk to your loved ones or seeking help from an expert, but that’s the best thing you can do to help yourself. If you’re having a hard time at home and are feeling so depressed that you might even harm yourself, then before planning to take such an extreme step, consider opening up to someone who can help you think rationally. The divorce, abusive relationship, domestic violence, and mental health disorder cases have increased during the lockdown so if you too are a victim of such conditions, don’t think that you can handle alone. Keep in touch with whom you trust or an expert, who will help you reduce feelings of anxiety.

Instead of letting the pandemic and lockdown taking a toll on our mind and health, why don’t we show them the middle finger by looking at the bright side of the situation and rephrase “I am stuck inside” to “I can finally focus on my home and myself”! Finding peace and mental health is what will help the world flatten the pandemic curve instead of giving rise to another pandemic after the virus, i.e., mental health disorders.

And if you want to talk, we are ready to listen. So, if you have a story or an incident to tell, share it with us. To reach out to us, please mail us on contactus@myblogus.com or join #MyBlogUs community.

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