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‘Made in India’ Cosmetic Brands You Need On Your Makeup Shelf

by Grishma Indap
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If you look around your beauty shelf, you’ll find 50-60% foreign cosmetic brands. We all bought it because of the online trends, or international presence of those cosmetics brands. If you think Indian makeup brands are nothing in front of foreign brands? You’re wrong!

Today, we have so many Indian brands that have entered its buzz in foreign lands, too! We Indians always go to the kitchen to find naturally made quick fixes to any skin or hair problem. These traditions have given rise to many homegrown natural made cosmetics. Not only traditional ingredients, but many other Indian brands are inspired by western ingredients, which are safe and medically approved.  It’s only about choosing the right product! The best part of getting your hands on Indian cosmetic brands is that they are mostly cruelty-free.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, we Indians should support and promote our homegrown brands and culture as our current economy relies on that.

Here are 10 India makeup brands that you need to add to your shopping list.

1. Colorbar

Made in India Cosmetic Brand Colorbar

Founded in 2005. Colorbar is one of the top brands amongst the International beauty industry and has benchmarked most prestigious cosmetic brands. They have the most amazing makeup range from kiss-proof lipsticks to contours to nail care to make up accessories to anything you can ask for, plus they also have men’s range from face cream to balms.

2. Biotique

Made in India Cosmetic Brand Biotique

When it comes to herbal makeup, Biotique is one of the best cosmetic brands. Not only their ingredients are organic, but the packaging is also eco-friendly and can be recycled. The products are 100% vegan and silicone-free. Biotique’s range covers make-up, skincare, men-care, and baby care, too!

I use Biotique’s cucumber pore tightening toner and creamy coconut ultra-rich cream which is an absolute win.

3. Lakmé

Made in India Cosmetic Brand Lakmé

Tell me one person who has not heard about Lakme. Started in 1953, Lakme is one of the topmost Indian brands globally. The brand is loved by celebrities, makeup stylists and commoners like us. They never compromise on quality, maintain quantity, deliver a wide range and it always offers premium products in our budget.

4. Coloressence

Made in India Cosmetic Brand Coloressence

Coloressence is one of the most affordable and best quality cosmetic brands. The product has a natural essence and offers a range that is easy to go for Indian women’s daily use. They have a wide range of lipstick and nail colours.

I use Coloressence 3 in 1 multifunction eyebrow pencil which is just for ₹ 399 and its perfect blend for my eyebrow game.

5. Elle 18

Made in India Cosmetic Brand Elle 18

Elle 18 is a popular brand among youngsters and teenagers in India. They offer their makeup range at a very affordable price. Their wide range has the funkiest shades and is so colourful, that youngsters and teenagers can’t have enough of them. They also employ attractive packaging!

6. Soultree

Made in India Cosmetic Brand Soultree

With amazing skincare products, Indian herbal brand Soultree also offers a makeup range. Each product is made of Ayurvedic ingredients that have zero harm to the skin and hair. Their products have no paraben, no artificial fragrance or colour. With India, Soultree is also famous in Japan, Switzerland, France, Germany, Ukraine, South Africa, Spain, Bulgaria, Australia, the UK and Spain.

7. Shahnaz Husain

Made in India Cosmetic Brand Shahnaz Husain

Founded by Shahnaz Husain, the huge popularity of Shahnaz Husain is also enjoyed overseas. Their wide range of skincare to haircare to cosmetics are made with Ayurvedic innovations. They have stayed strong since 1973 because of their loyalty towards Ayurvedic roots. If you’re trying for the first time, their product will surely prove to you why it’s worth the try.

8. Jovees

Made in India Cosmetic Brand Jovees

Jovees is yet another Indian beauty brand, that offers a wide range of beauty products from the foundation to skincare to hair care products. The brand also enjoys huge popularity globally Sri Lanka, France, Australia, Spain and Malaysia. Some of its most famous products are Lip balms, Face Packs and Kajal.

9. Lotus

Made in India Cosmetic Brand Lotus

Founded in 1993, Lotus is an Indian herbal brand famous for producing more than 250 products, from skincare to haircare to makeup products. They believe in the blend of Ayurveda with modern innovations.

I use Lotus 3 in 1 matte look daily sunscreen which works like a magic on my skin when I’m outdoors.

10. Sugar

Made in India Cosmetic Brand Sugar

With Sugar cosmetics, makeup is going to be your favourite time. From a hundred varieties of lipsticks to hydrating face masks to makeup value sets, the list goes on and on. All of the products are of great quality at an affordable price. Their package boxes are in black matte which is simple yet very classy.

I recently bought Sugar smudge me not liquid lipstick minis set only for ₹799, which can be customized and it looks like super cute miniatures. The whole package is handy, travel-friendly and all shades are an absolute win for me.

Many other leading Indian beauty brands also make cosmetics such as Rubys Organics, PAC, Forest Essentials, Kama Ayurveda, Himalaya, VLCC, Viviana color etc. These brands have entered the beauty market, some even globally to establish a loyal consumer base. And as a responsible Indian, we can support and show some love to these homegrown brands, after all, they are making our India proud!

So which of the Indian cosmetic brands is your personal favourite? Also, do tell us your favourite products you swear by.

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I’m sure you may have used some of the Indian brands without paying much attention to them. 

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