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Indian Washing Powder Industry Rings In The Swadeshi Flavour

by Nikita Rainu
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The coronavirus lockdown has put a major breakdown to the Indian economy. Since March 2020, millions of


Well, a term that is known to us all Indians, but heard quite a lot number of times lately!

Isn’t it?

Reason? The coronavirus!

The coronavirus lockdown has put a significant breakdown to the Indian economy. Since March 2020, millions of people, including migrant workers, salaried individuals etc. have lost their jobs. Reason being the shutdown of several companies, their production units and reduced number of employees to keep them surviving through the pandemic. This has further resulted in a huge economic and financial loss to the country!

What next?

So, to combat this crisis, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation. In his address, he urged every Indian citizen to be self-reliant to fight the Covid-19 crisis. He urged the people of the nation to be vocal for local brands and products so that India gradually thrives as a self-reliant economy.

He proclaimed how today’s global brands were once local too. And when people started supporting them, they became global. Encouraging us to make local the mantra of our lives, he insisted on how every individual must become vocal for our local. To fight against this economic downfall due to coronavirus outbreak, becoming ‘Aatmanirbhar’ or self-reliant with the manufacture of Swadeshi products is the noblest step towards progress.

Don’t you think the same? But what will it take really to become Aatmanirbhar?

Have you ever wondered?

Where to begin is the question.

When we talk about Swadeshi products, consumer products in India comprises of an extensive list. In this article, we will talk about the Indian Washing Powder sector.

To begin with, if we look into the detergent market in India, it consists of two major categories- the hand-wash and the machine-wash segment. Powder detergents and bar-detergents form a major percentage of the hand-wash segment. While in the machine-wash segment, the powder detergents and liquid detergents are the essential ones.

Let us dive into where India stands!

Well, India seems to have been showing major growth in the last decade when it comes to the incomes of people and a major section of the demography scaling out to urban areas for better career and growth options. Well, this scenario has shown a considerable rise in the demand for consumer durables and products that fulfil the most basic needs. One such need being that of washing clothes. This has resulted in an influx of buyers in the washing powder or detergent market with a major population buying the washing machine powders. If this section constitutes a part of the population, a major percentage of the population still relies on washing laundry by hand. Isn’t that a flourishing scope for the washing powder industry?

INDIAN Detergent Market

Sub-category by Detergent Type

So, to protect our national economy, let us use Swadeshi products as far as possible, and boycott all foreign products!

Together, we can and we should!

Popular washing detergents like Surf Excel, Tide and Ariel are already produced in Indian factories employing Indian workforce. These are already considered as Indian brands. But, suppose one is looking for a detergent brand that is completely conceived and made by an Indian company. In that case, we have other brands on the list which include: Gujarat based Nirma and Ghadi detergent (made by Shri Mahadeo Soap Industries Pvt. Ltd.).

Hence, these should be adopted.

Few other Indian Brands in the list include:

Tata Dx Detergent powder, Sahara, Swastik, Vimal, Hipolin, Fena, Sasa, T series, Mr. White, Ghadi, Genteel, Ezee (for woollens), Ujala, Ranipal, Nirma, Chamko, Dip N Dry, 555, Patanjali herbal washand products of small scale and cottage industries.

Products being sold in India, but need to be boycotted include:

HUL (Surf, Rin, Sunlight, Wheel, OK, Vim) Ariel, Check, Henko, Reveal, Amway, Quantum, Woolwash, Robin Blue, Tinopal, Sky Lark to name a few.

Here’s brief information on what a few of the above mentioned Indian Brands have been doing and their existence:



Of the most liked homegrown brands in India, Nirma is produce of Ahmadabad. Non-availability of economical detergent powder for the middle-class and lower-middle-class households led a chemistry graduate, Karsanbhai Patel hailing from a family of farmers, develop the formula of washing powder in 1969. He named it Nirma after his only daughter, Nirupama, who had died accidentally at a young age. He worked towards making Nirma a household brand by paddling a bicycle through neighbourhoods and selling the detergent door-to-door before and after his full-time day job. In the 1990s, Nirma washing power reached to the peak of its market penetration and became a household essential all over the country. If you remember its jingle – “Doodh si safedi Nirma se aai….Sab ki pasand Nirma”. The company started as one-product, today major products of Nirma include Soda ash, Soaps, Tarpaulin, Cement, Castor oil and sugar.



The company was founded in the year 1976, Fena superwash detergent powder offers premium washing experience to its consumers in comparison to other ordinary detergent powders available in India. It is now a leading player in home and personal care products in India, brands include Famous Soap, Cop Toilet Cleaner and nip liquid dish-wash.



Established in the year 2006 in Haridwar, India, Patanjali herbal wash with its qualities of neem and citrus lemon properties has already become a favourite of many Indians. It offers benefits of protecting clothes, skin and hands, and liked by many consumers.



Ghadi detergent washing powder is one of the flagship brands of RSPL Limited, A leader in the detergent market of India. RSPL Group is committed to value for money propositions & credited with several innovations over the last 3 decades. In line with its expansion plans, the company has established detergent manufacturing units in various locations across India in order to fulfil the demand of its products across the country more effectively. The brand was launched in Kanpur and is majorly marketed towards common man and household wives.

Mr. White


Mr. White Detergent Powder is a product manufactured by Jyothy Laboratories. This is another brand of detergent which is specially developed for white clothes. The detergent is available in packets of 500g, 1kg, 5kg and the company is one of the fast-moving consumer goods company in India. Definitely, a product to look out for to boost the Indian economy.



Story of Hipolin goes back to 1970, when the company started manufacturing detergent powder on a small scale to supply to the domestic market at Ramol, Ahmedabad, India. With a clear vision to not compromise on quality for quantity, the company continued to rest on this value proposition. Later, the company introduced other detergent products and later branched out into other categories too. It became a Public Limited Company in 1994.



Manufactured by Godrej Consumer Products Limited, located in Mumbai, Ezee is certified by Woolmark as a specialist liquid detergent for woollens. Ideal for bucket and machine wash, Ezee is the first choice for Indians when it comes to protecting woollens after wash. The company also aims to transform its ‘Ezee’ daily-wash brand into a Rs. 100 crore brand in the coming years.



Gora Mal Hari Ram Ltd. is one of the renowned companies in the detergent powder segment. With it’s headquarter in New Delhi and manufacturing units in several parts of the nation, its product range includes Cleaning Powders, 555 Detergent Powder, Dish Wash Bar, 555 Special Detergent Cake, 555 Fairy Toilet Soap, etc. All these products are said to be skin-friendly, fragrant and have longer shelf life due to which these are well in demand by Indian citizens.



Launched in 1975 as India’s first liquid detergent, Godrej Genteelwas launched to avoid the damage to clothes from harsh powder detergents which contain soda and other harmful chemicals. Consumers welcomed this value proposition, and it slowly entered the households as one of the preferred detergent liquid.

TATA Dx Detergent Powder

Tata Chemicals, one of India’s largest conglomerates, found some key insights when it came to probing the detergent market. Studying the wash habits and affordability factor, they launched TATA Dx where Dx stands for ‘Detergent Expert’ and successfully shows the technologically superior nature of the product and its capabilities.

Which one have you been using or planning to?

Of the annual detergent powder production tonnes are produced by the unorganised sector. Not to forget Ahmedabad which has over the years turned into the national capital for the detergent industry.

Hence, the use of Swadeshi products is encouraged so that in the end, our economy is strong. A small step towards owning Indian products will make a big difference.

There are several Indian or Swadeshi washing powder products for daily use which are listed above. A step to start using those will go a long way in saving or country’s economy.

You might ask how? Well, it’s a simple calculation!

Let’s go back a few years, say in the year,
1970 $1 = Rs. 4 and today $1 = Rs. 73.42

So you can see yourself that in
1970 $1 = Rs.4

2020 $1 = Rs. 73.42

So, in future, it may grow more. Don’t you think?

This doesn’t mean that $(dollar) is getting stronger, but it simply means that our rupee is getting weak. It is only we Indians who can make it stronger. How? Well, by using Swadeshi and Indian made products.

Swadeshi and Self-reliant products – these terms are not new in the present context. Infact, they must be resting in the minds of patriotic Indians. All these groups of Indians need is some support! They need financial backing, right opportunities and government help to launch manufacturing units in India. They need provisions where they can employ locals, encourage all Indians to buy locally produced products, reach out to the global space with Indian products and thereby help India to overcome its financial crisis again. A little encouragement from the Government and Indian citizens will go a long way!

Before that, let’s encourage the use of Indian washing powder in maximum consumer households and try washing off any foreign products from our country. Let’s go ‘vocal for local’ now!

What are your thoughts on the same? How do you think the economy can be revived? What is lacking, and what needs to be incorporated? Do share your opinions with us in the comments below!

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