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I’ll Live With It All My Life

by Swathi Arul
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life with a purpose

Even in those small talks

I was the hearing dog amidst

The crowded pavement

Sometimes, only sometimes

It felt for a split second

Maybe you wanted to talk to me

As much as I did to you

But even those never lasted in a heartbeat

Only in my dreams

I could ever have a conversation with you.

Bout those gave me wild expectations

That’ll never come true

I wanna forget you

I wanna erase you outta my life


Before I realise,

It was all for nothing

I don’t want to be shattered

When reality smites me.


I wanna forget you

I wanna erase you outta my life

This torture of subconsciously

Wanting you

Feels no less than a punishment

An insane thought crossed

My while mind.

That I’ve crushed on you for 7

Long years

Too afraid to admit its love

Because what if it isn’t?

Or is it?

Even if it is

Does it matter?

You never bothered!


All I was to you

Was What’s new?

But the truth is

My thoughts will never abandon you

The wait that lasted 7 years

May just last another 100

Am I so imbecile to long for

He who doesn’t care I exist?

Will this poem just be another cringy one

That he’ll ignore?

I don’t want these questions

Be answered

I’m afraid I’ll loose

Whatever I have left of you

Even if it’s the tiniest bit

I don’t know why I yearn for you ?


I never met the real you!

I don’t wanna forget you

I don’t want erase you

Even if it’s torture

I’ll live with it all my life.

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