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How to Face & Tolerate the Changes in Our Society

by Manav
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Our society now is facing new issues and changes with the passage of time and the biggest problem is that we don’t understand those changes but instead we try to stop them from happening at all; just because we don’t understand don’t make a change bad.

Such a change is Homosexuality and the LGBTQ+ community. We know that marriage as known to our society since ages is a relation between a man and a woman. But marriage is a relation between two lovers. Marriages are nothing but a contract confirming the relation of two lovers. But some intellectuals of our society think that Homosexuality is a sin against God and humanity itself.

Which isn’t true because God almighty itself is genderless. And only thing God believes in is love. We are doing nothing but opposing a flow.

Homosexuality is nothing but a helpful change both spiritually and scientifically.

Spiritually Homosexuality can help us define unity and love in a new form. And scientifically Same-sex or gay partners would not add into population but instead would increase adoption rates to improve our population quality. I know changes happen and some changes aren’t easy to tolerate, but think that voting too was just between government and white men, think if no changes appeared in this case.

I wanna request the humanity to accept LGBTQ+ community as a part of human civilization And also a request to LGBTQ+ community to please add an S and be LGBTQS+ where S stands for Straight because it’s not straight who are against you these are just some PEOPLE who don’t understand love. We would love to be a part of this community which understands that LOVE IS LOVE.

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