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How Thrift Shopping Can Make You Sustainable, Stylish And A Hero!

by Grishma Indap
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You look through your wardrobe and realize there’s a pair of jeans that don’t fit and a floral dress which you bought for your graduation party and never wore it again. Those days are gone when eBay or Olx was the only choice to sell your used products. With the growing concern of the environment, there are endless options for refreshing your wardrobe. Even celebs like Kardashians and many fashion influencers have entered the thrift market.

So, what exactly is Thrift Shopping?

Thrift shopping is a second-hand fashion and is environmentally conscious. It’s a great way to give away your clothes and get a bunch of fresh clothes you like in exchange. Along with thrift stores, factory rejects help you to keep up with the fashion and save the world. More and more people are giving second-hand clothes a second chance. It’s not only about getting good quality stylish clothes but you also get into true prices.

But, how are fashion and environment connected?

Fast fashion brands which we all love, engage in rapid production by churning out cheap material to bring us inexpensive styles to the public and fuel us to shop more. The excessive production to make that stylish garment daily includes cheap labours, synthetic fabrics, harmful chemicals and toxic dyes. If the clothes are not sold they are eventually burnt or often thrown away after no more than a few wears. The worst part is each rapidly produced clothes are not made to live forever and are made to seem as use and throw.  An increase in fast fashion’s carbon footprint and wastage of natural resources is killing the planet. Thus, this results in a harmful impact on the environment. The fashion industry alone is responsible for 2.1 million tons of CO2 emissions every year.

If we include all the negative elements of fast fashion, people like labourers involved in its production are at high risk. The workers are being jeopardized through never-ending working hours, lack of health security, underfed, exposure to harmful chemicals and often paid less. Plus, Traditional artisans face unemployment because of Fast Fashion.

Looking at all these factors and since everyone is getting more environmentally conscious, slow fashion demand for second-hand shopping and organic clothes is rising. Slow fashion is basically a great movement towards mindful manufacturing, fair worker rights, inexpensive raw material and win-win for pocket and planet.

Here’s how you can do thrift shopping by lending hands to the environment like a boss!

    • Recycle your ClothesConvert your dress into a bag, purse or blankets.
    • Buy Clothes from Traditional Artisans!
    • Sell your Preloved garments – You can opt for consignment stores that not only sell clothes but also buy them. Plus, you can earn extra bucks.
    • Rent Clothes for Special Occasions- You can flaunt different outfits for different occasions by not spending much of your savings and the best part your outfits won’t get repeated.
    • Buy Biodegradable and Sustainable Clothes- Cotton, linen and other planet-friendly materials are very comfortable and soft. They also last for a very long time. 
    • Vintage Fashion- Love aesthetics and Vintage Fashion? You will find tons of thrift stores selling vintage styles compared to other branded stores.
    • Get your hands on Factory Rejects- A minor stitch issue or no label expensive branded clothes go into Street shops like Colaba Causeway or Sarojini markets. You get the same branded apparel at a 50-60% discount, amazing right?
    • Make friends with Thrift Store Staff- If you make friends with Thrift store staff or the owner, you always get valuable information like when new merchandise is coming and if you want a specific type of garment, they’ll keep it aside for you.
    • Instagram Thrifting – Thrift stores on Instagram are trending, where several Instagram accounts sell vintage and upcycled styles.
    • Exchange clothes amongst Friends and Cousins- If you don’t trust buying clothes from strangers, simply swap clothes with your close friends and family members.
    • You will be a Hero for Saving our Planet Earth!

Here’s a list of Indian brands you will find on Instagram that can help you be sustainable and fashionable.


      1.The Salvage Story

The Salvage Story - Online Thrift Store

2. Bodements

Bodements - Online Thrift Store

3. Carol’s Shop

Carol's Shop - Online Thrift Store

4. Bombay Closet Cleanse

Bombay Closet Cleanse - Online Thrift Store

5. Kohima

Kohima - Online Thrift Store

6. Aima Vintage

Aima Vintage - Online Thrift Store

7. RedEmpress label

RedEmpress label - Online Thrift Store

8. Shop the Local Vintage

Shop the Local Vintage - Online Thrift Store

9. Folk Pants

Folk Pants - Online Thrift Store

10. Viange

Viange - Online Thrift Store

11. The Local Thrift

The Local Thrift - Online Thrift Store

12. Mirinwon

Mirinwon - Online Thrift Store

13. Kiabza

Kiabza - Online Thrift Store

14. All Things PreLoved

All Things PreLoved - Online Thrift Store

15. Fancy Pastels

Fancy Pastels - Online Thrift Store

16. Copper Boom Vintage & ThriftCopper Boom Vintage & Thrift - Online Thrift Store

17. Coutloot

Coutloot - Online Thrift Store

18. Elanic

Elanic - Online Thrift Store

19. StylflipStylflip - Online Thrift Store

20. The Thrift Store

The Thrift Store - Online Thrift Store

Such conscious fashion brands are part of a community that is fighting for the safety of our planet, labourers and artists. Also, you don’t have to spend your month’s savings or salary on expensive clothes. Let’s come together to be part of this community.

I don’t find any reason for not shopping from a good thrift store!

If you know any more Indian thrift stores, which haven’t been mentioned above or if you have tried one let us know in the comments below.


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