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Hog Heaven To Enabled World

by Shehnaz Gujral
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This is a difficult season we are walking through and it seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Uncertainty, fear, destruction, racialism, and nepotism are at the peak. Covid-19 has become a part and parcel of our ability to adapt to the new ways of life. Gradually, we shall overcome this natural virus but the answer to the vexed question is vague: How will we fight with the deadly virus which is inside?

The Internet is flooded with news from all the quarters of the world. It pains to read about the War-torn and conflict-affected countries which need humanitarian assistance. The risks are both humans as well as natural, including displacement and food insecurity. Human follies, system failures, or political agendas are indicative of the Doomsday. The explosion in Beirut, religious supremacy hurting the sentiments of minorities in a secular state with snowballing momentum or loss of livelihood combined with loss of life are just a few breaking points in this Pandemic Year of 2020.

There is evil in varied forms but the light always conquers darkness. Nature is a great master and teaches us eternal truths of life. A biting cold season of extreme winters doesn’t last forever. It always ends, though transitorily, bringing the bright sunshine we coveted for. We all have good and bad inside of us. A good man is known for the faculty to fight the evil within. Govt agencies, Red Crescent, NGO’S, individuals and many more associations are working to bring some hope into the hopeless times. Sheltering the cattle, feeding the migrant labor, efforts to improve mental health or collective struggle of masses to sign the petitions of those who seek justice are a few actions which suggest that there is a spark of humanity which will be ignited in the lamps of wisdom.

God resides in the temple of mortality

HE doesn’t seek an architectural paraphernalia

No gifts in gold or cash He wants

Oh, man! Your ego and avarice are like bareness of froth in the vast seas

Your identity is no more than a bubble of treasure and conceit

Meet HIM not in the marble walls you call the temple

Check out, He is with the displaced and destitute

Renaissance, reawakening, and recovery to be once more in the Golden age, that is the prayer to God in the Temple of mankind.

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