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by Shehnaz Gujral
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Sweet sixteen spirited spirits

Chuckling and smiling to the tunes of life

Desired to soar high in the sapphire sky

Freedom forlorn with mundane tags

Dogmatic rituals for an upright life

Rhetorical confinement and consolations

If conditions key to seamless life

“You sit straight, pause and talk

Speak soft, listen more

Learn to cook, knit and stitch

Play dolls not cars, soberly clad

Moon fast for the honey moon.”

Heena adorned hands and feet

Charming with her charms and chains

Bride at eighteen, a new-fangled life

An epoch of bounded boundaries

Pleasing to please her own self

Sun fast for sons in her womb.

Time, the charioteer galloped on the horse chariot

Insipid life with shades and blends

A chasm of hope and despair

Mixt tell-a- tale of unsung youth and age

Frolicsome friend she was to her own self

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1 comment

Amar jit kaur August 12, 2020 - 12:46 pm

Awesome… enjoyed throughly.keep up !


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