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by Shehnaz Gujral
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Close bosom friends in the Marshy Land

Suraj, Surya, Shums and Sunjit

Couch-glued mates in the lockdown

Birbal sermons and oratory on

Politics, religion, corona and what not!

Google guru, Insta friend, Twitter mate

Enlightened the gullible lads

An evening with obscure conversations on

Beliefs, Ethics, Sacred texts, and ceremonies

“We are the oldest religion.” said one

“We are the contemporary.” said another

Each failed to prove superiority

Best buddies turned as mad as hornets

Adieu! Agonized steps treaded home

Teary pour veiled in raindrops

Wham, slam, bang and blow

A scattered plane in the containment zone

Quick off the mark, reached the tragic site

No mask, no gloves, no caste or class

Ambulance driver, nurses and fire-fighters

Manifold parts they played united

Secular and selfless service

A new scripture they gifted to the society

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