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Infidelity Isn’t Just About Physical Cheating

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emotional infidelity

With the anticipation of meeting your partner, putting on your best look as you head off to fancy dates, being obsessed with chatting or talking throughout the day, celebrating milestones together, giving priority to our time more than me time – that in a gist is how one feels when in a relationship. But what happens eventually is that love fades away! Some, with understanding and love, sail through those tough times but some don’t make it to the ‘happily ever after’. One day the butterflies in your stomach and love being in the air 24×7 fade away and reality hit in. But parting ways gets even more difficult when infidelity gets involved.

Defined as a violation of a couple’s assumed or stated contract regarding emotional and/or sexual exclusivity or in simple words, the action or state of being unfaithful in a relationship or marriage, infidelity can manifest not just in a physical act but emotional too. It is said that there are some things in a relationship that one has to let go and forget but infidelity is one such thing that isn’t forgivable. Infidelity is the most heart-wrenching experience that one can go through and there is no valid reason to justify cheating your significant other. Especially in the millennial world of hookups, one-night stands, FWB, DTF, ‘just friends’, ‘ghosting’, ‘breadcrumbing’ and ‘catfishing’, relationships are merely left as a status symbol and the sanctity of emotions seems to have lost somewhere. Amidst ‘swipe left and swipe right’, dating apps, social media, a relationship can be summarised in just two words in the 21st century, ‘it’s complicated’!

While physical cheating has been an age-old phenomenon, having sex out of your relationship with someone else seems to be quite common nowadays. It feels like the end of the world. But the worst part is that casual relationships have caused the normalization of infidelity. When we hear the word cheating or infidelity, we automatically assume it with sex. But do you really think that infidelity is just having sex with someone else? If yes, then you’re wrong!

Being in a relationship is not just about sharing a bed but it is also about the emotional connection you two have. If you see your life together, you don’t just need to be with your partner physically but emotionally too. Did you know according to a 2019 Hotstar ‘Out of Love’ Survey, 18-19% of Indians believe that casual friendship at work and casual flirting qualifies as infidelity? Indians believe it to be cheating if their significant other is secretly spending on someone (34%), having a one-night stand (37%), having sex with someone else (47%), developing romantic feelings for a third person (33%) and indulging in secretive interactions (29%).

Having someone to share your life with and a source of inspiration and happiness when life gives you lemons is a blissful feeling. But that relationship becomes toxic when they don’t reciprocate. What if you aren’t the person for them who they call up to share their happiness and sorrows with and reach out to someone else? If your partner seeks solace in someone else, that is what emotional infidelity is!

While we have mentioned infidelity can be heart-wrenching, be it physical or emotional, but do you know what’s the worst? Staying in a dead relationship! Though you aren’t unfaithful to your partner or cheated in your relationship, emotionally or physically there can come a time when you don’t feel anything and everything feels like an obligation with your significant other. The sweet text messages or gestures by your partner seems no more magical, the jokes aren’t funny anymore, saying ‘I Love You’ becomes meaningless and you just wonder what went wrong in your perfect relationship. It leaves you with thousands of questions about why it didn’t work out when everything was just in place. And it crushes your soul as you don’t know who to blame. When the guy/girl is wrong or cheats, you can blame him/her. If the situation wasn’t meant for you to stay together, you can pin the blame on it. In a dead relationship, you worry about bruising your partner’s heart. That’s what is called falling out of love. And if you stay in such a relationship, it is worse than cheating or infidelity! 

Any type of infidelity is unforgivable as it fades away years of relationship in no time! It is like the love of your life stabbing you at the back and watch you die. If you have faced infidelity or are having issues in your relationship that you want to talk about, write to us on contactus@myblogus.com or join #MyBlogUs community.

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