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Depression (The Darkness that we all need to accept)

by Amhaanlaya
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Someone asked me how depression feels like. Is it real or Overstated!!!!

I recollect when Kevin answered the same to Aliana

“It’s reals for the people who succumb into it. It’s overrated for people who unknowingly live with it waiting for the final showdown. .”

To this, Aliana Asked Kevin “How depression feels like?”

Kevin Smiled & replied “Depression is when you feel nothing at all.

It’s when you deep dive into the journey of self-worth & find nothing at all.

It’s not the dark nights that scares most, but the fading visibility of your light shatters the most…

It’s an invisible parasite feeding your mind body & soul.

An omnipresent human mental condition that society does not seem to accept at all. .”

Aliana understood that Depression is when we seek purpose inside but require it to be validated outside.  She then asked “How do we cure depression” a long Sigh of helplessness & a pause for a question in Aliana eye could be visible. Asking again “Especially when life, probability, situations, people, opportunity & Surrounding are out of our control of choice”.

The answer provided by Kevin might relate many & may take a few on a journey…

But the answer is worth waiting for once

“Cure is by accepting. Accepting not others but yourself; Your Journey; Your Situations: Your Choices; Your way of healing; Your Emotions; Your Opportunities & Limitations. This seeking within takes a journey of a lifetime to understand. Wait for my story to narrate.”

The last phase of story ends with a story of hope to Aliana from Kevin.

The dark night with silver moon looked soothing with a conversation that is going to be end of the beginning.

Kevin stares at the bright moon & starts his final narration “There was a girl. Free as air & wild as water. Age could not define her, Problems could not stop her. She was an example for many parents as a Kid.  An all-rounder in short. Gradually life took its turn. For the girl whose life is not beyond school, had suddenly become rebellious. Now she was not linked by many. There was an old man who asked her gazing the stars “How does it feel from having it all to none? How does it feel from being an example for parents of other kids to see the scared faces of the same parents that are not willing their kids to follow you?”

The kid smiled unusual to her age & told the uncle to wait. Till the meteor falls & life recall. The end is soothing when the heart is at rest.

After a deep silence; here comes the answer of the Kid “I am born in a time when self-discovery is rampant. Born in a family that taught me to seek within. My parents are my teachers, examples & my first world. They are the world that accepted me the way I am. Since they never taught me to seek an example outside without conscious reasoning; I never bothered with what’s happening outside of me about me.

Nature finds its path to heal itself. Are we not part of nature?

Next time when you have kids, teach them to seek within.

When you teach your kids to seek examples outside, they would never understand their potential to seek within. They can never accept their limitation & failure as their own. They could never try to be the best version of themselves.

In short, they will live the life-creating everything outside them but leaving a void inside.

It always starts with us & then it’s a ripple effect.”

Kevin Concluded to Aliana “Depression starts with us & the cure is within. Family, Friends, Society either act as a catalyst to cure or to destroy.  As said in the story it’s a ripple effect. It’s the darkness we all need to accept to heal.

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