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Best Saffron Powder Brands Available In India

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Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of crocus sativus commonly known as saffron crocus. It is also known as autumn gold. Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice. Not only in food can saffron be used for much other purpose. It is used to give a Golden Yellow color to food, and add its distinct Flavor. It is also know the world’s most valuable plant in the world. History of saffron is so ancient where only royal families used saffron for different purpose but today saffron is an adaptable zest be planning conventional desserts or sweets saffron certainly includes extraordinary flavor to the dishes.

Saffron has the solid association with religion. Some of the most famous temple in India offers holy water that contains saffron to their devotees because of the enormous medical advantage it has. Saffron’s quality is distinguished by its color. Dark red color means the best quality saffron. Adulteration is also done by dying similar looking material or rollover quality saffron inside the saffron.

Nearly 19% of the world’s supply comes from “IRAN”. Iran is currently the biggest saffron producer of the world with production of 360 metric tons per year. The SAFFRON comes from a crocus flower’s stigmas, and the flower only blooms for about a week every year.

What Makes Saffron So Expensive?

Indeed, even in the costly universe of flavors, saffron sticks out. Also, genuine saffron can cost you over $10,000 per kilogram. You need more than 150 blossoms to make only 1 gram of saffron. Also, the stuff you have at home in your kitchen could well be fake. Saffron is the red shame of the Crocus sativus.

  • Every crocus has three little marks of shame that must be picked cautiously by hand.
  • No machine can accomplish the sensitive work needed to reap these slender strings.
  • It takes 40 hours of hard physical work to deliver only 1 kg of excellent saffron.



1. OMNA Organic Saffron

Omna Organics Saffron is high quality kashmiri saffron/kesar that has high level of Crocin, Picrocrocin and Safranal. It gives deep dark maroonish – purple hue and is known for adding that flavor, colour and aroma in your life. Omna Kashmiri Mogra Saffrone is sourced from farms of Pampore, Kashmir, India. Growing Organically and hand harvested. Mogra is the higest quality of saffron grown in Kashmir. It has great fragrance, making it ideal for dishes that need the element of aroma.

Price – Rs. 215 Per Gram

2. Lion Saffron

It is the highest quality of saffron grown in Kashmir, India. Lion saffron is 100% pureand natural. It is harvested, naturally dried, packed and brought straight to you, allowing to provide you fress and high quality saffron. Lion saffron is professionally and hygienically packed. Their saffron is ideal for pregnant women and for every age group of people. It is also good for skin care. You can use their saffron for long time, the life of lion saffron is at least 1 year.

Price – Rs. 280 Per Gram

3. Baby Brand Saffron

It is India’s one of the oldest and very famous saffron brand. This brand is existing in India since 1965. Baby brand saffron has gained immense reputation for being the best saffron brand during pregnancy in India. This product is of superior – quality and handpicked often considered exceptionally safe or cooking purpose. This brand has been in existence for as long as a hundred and seventy five years and has yet managed to attain an excellent reputation for its product quality. What makes the product of this brand even more preferred is its deep red saffron strands and very few, or almost rare, yellow threads. They bring the finest, hand picked pure and genuine saffron. Since 6 generation they have been selling the best quality saffron to connoisseurs worldwide.

Price – Rs. 180 Per Gram

4. Shalimar Pure Kashmir Saffron

This brand is known for their high quality dark red color of saffron. This brand is become so famous due to their best selling saffron products in India. It’s packed in air tight jars and comes with reusable bag which preserves its properties for longer time as compared with glass jars. Shalimar Saffron offers world’s most authentic saffron from the beautiful field of Pampore, Kashmir, India. Naturally grown and hand harvested. There all product is tested to grade ISO parameters which gives there saffron life of minimum 2 Year from harvest. There saffron is so genuine because they do not use any kind of artificial color, flavor or preservatives.

Price – Rs. 475 Per Gram.

5. Taj Mahal Saffron

Much like its unique and stylish name, Taj Mahal Saffron Powder offers a flavor and surface like no other. This is remarkable among other saffron in India that has expanded a huge name for giving the best quality saffron at an affordable price. Flavor and surface, however the smell is likewise sufficiently able to add an edge to your formula and draw out the best from it. Additionally, Taj’s saffron is viewed as pure and safe, and subsequently prescribed to kids just as pregnant women.

In addition, this Saffron is primarily known for its incomparable quality and bundling. With the consideration of these exceptional properties, the value Taj Mahal Saffron holds is truly moderate.

Price – Rs. 645 Per Gram

6. VedaPure Natural Mongra Saffron

Mongra is the most elevated type of saffron. Quality should not to come at a significant expense. Our saffron is 100% unadulterated and normal. It is harvested, regularly dried, stuffed, and conveyed legitimately to you, allowing us to give you new and astounding saffron. It is needed for cooking dishes like Biryani and treats/sweet dishes like solidified yogurt, kesar pista kulfi, kheer, phirni, laddu, etc.

Price – Rs. 645 Per Gram

7. UPAKARMA Pure & Natural Afghani Saffron

Upakarma Ayurveda is an association with a group of exceptionally qualified and experienced experts. They offer fantastic saffron powder from Afghanistan. They are offering the advantages of old natural details dependent on old methods and logical development. This brand has won 3 golden star by International Taste and Quality Institute because of the best quality of there saffron.

Price – Rs. 645 Per Gram

8. Noor’s saffron

Noor invests wholeheartedly for being one of the main makers and providers of pure Kashmiri kesar in India. This brand appeared in the year 1999 and after that they have never look back and become of the best producer of high-caliber and best Kashmiri saffron in India. Noor’s saffron isn’t only solid in its aroma and taste yet additionally totally pure in its arrangement. This is one of those not many brands that is regularly viewed online to purchase saffron, thus, the interest is normally high throughout the year along. This saffron the two scents and tastes great and is additionally extraordinary for wellbeing, since the quality is unrivaled. The Saffron of this quality can be utilized to prepare various dinners, chiefly dishes like pulav and biryani.

Price – Rs. 645 Per Gram

9. Satvikk Pure Saffron

This Indian brand offers a wide range of spices, dry fruits, and nuts in india. They have sourced directly from the farmer and know vendors. This brand has a vast expertise of 20 years and has thousand of happy and satisfied customers across the India. Satvik saffron is also very famous product and It’s thick and long saffron strings appropriately mixed with its profound tone are a portion of its noticeable highlights that make it exceptionally desired among all age group. Satvikk’s saffron contains no synthetic compounds, included tone, or external essence since it is a brand that prides on selling 100% pure and natural saffron, directly from the homesteads of Kashmir to all over India.This brand is know for there reputation, taste, cost, and huge customer base, this organization is viewed as the best saffron brand on the plane.

Price – Rs. 645 Per Gram

10. Kashmir Online Store Saffron

If you are in the search of any saffron brand that give you a taste and fragrance like no other then it has to be Kashmir Online Store. This brand is FSSAI certified, because of their high quality and pure saffron. Due to its solid red color capacity, this saffron is broadly utilized in Indian family units for the arrangement of pastries and desserts.  Also, what makes this saffron not quite the same as the rest is the way that it has a honey like flavor and an enduring sweet taste which makes it an incredible choice for an Indian. As the brand is quality-centered, the value reach may appear to be somewhat high.

Price – Rs. 1300 Per Gram

Conclusion: So dear readers, these are the top 10 Saffron brands in India. Their Saffron is exclusively manufactured in India in a very decent and subtle way. Get your hands on any brand, and we take the guarantee that it will serve you with the best health benefits. Remember we need to support our nation in “Made In India” championing and to do so go for “Vocal For Local” and make our India the “AATMANIRBHAR” nation.

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