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Being Different Doesn’t Mean Being Wrong

by Kalash Gautam
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As we all are aware of the “Pride month” being celebrated all over the world. Many of us with the help of different social media platforms are emphasizing to encourage the LGBT community and help them get rid of their fear of being arrest, felling of withstanding humiliation. We all remember the day when the final judgment of act 377 was made. We all cherished the final judgment for the LGBT community in our country. It made it easier for many people to open up about their sexuality.

In India, being gay, or transgender was earlier been considered a crime. Nobody wanted them and hence due to lack of literacy and lack of information, they never even tried to understand it. People who are homosexual were considered as physically unstable. They were denied to live in society. Even today in many parts of the country, they are still not being accepted even by there own family members. Being homosexual is not a crime, it’s not a disease, it’s not a kind of instability, it’s just a normal thing. Sexual orientation is natural, we cannot deny it. People are sick of lying and denying, they need to be supported, they need to be encouraged so that they can speak about their sexual orientation. Everyone is different and exceptional in their own way, but it doesn’t mean they are wrong!
Dear society,
LGBT is a community that needs to be more intensified and accepted in every possible way by everyone in society. The only way we can support them is by accepting them. Whenever we hear of someone being gay, lesbian or transgender. People look at them from different points of view and suddenly they start judging them and make fun of them. Especially being in those teen years of their life, where everyone was busy enjoying their school life, they were bullied, teased, and treated in a very imprecise way. Being gay is not a sin but being the one for not accepting them is. They always have a fear of coming out, they need to be reinforced by the people they admire and trust. Openness is a great need in our society. Help them get rid of their anxiety and fear don’t put them in annoyance and displeasure. Being different is also like having our own superpowers. Stop burdening them by the very unrealistic “norms of the society”. Dont let them feel nervous about who they are.
It’s okay if you are different, it’s okay if you feel different from others, it’s okay if you are attracted to both the genders. it’s okay if you find peace in different things. Let them recognize, accept, and celebrate their differences. Let them define themselves as the way they are, stop making them feel awkward, and love them unconditionally. Make yourself available for them to speak about whatever they want, make them trust. Make them comfortable in the world we live in. Love is love, gender doesn’t matter! When we feel happy when we feel secure when we can blindly trust someone when we love them, why does the gender of that person matter? Love is not about gender, its about the feeling we all feel at some point in our life. We never stop loving them and thus we never intend to lose them, then why would we ask someone to stop loving the person they love? Dont deny anyone’s right to grow and accept. We live in the 21st century, we are reformed and developed in many ways. The only aspect needed to be reformed and transformed is in the thoughts of the people living in society. We live in a growing world so then why stop someone from growing. Be the reason someone feels supported and always lend the hand of love and happiness. Everyone should be treated equally regardless of who they are and who they love.
Stop criticizing, stop referring, stop ruling, and start accepting and loving everyone in the way they are! Everyone loves to be loved, hatred and discomfort only destroy everything. Start supporting and stop judging.

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