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Ayurveda In The Times Of Pandemic

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Before the allopathic medicine, the traditional healthcare tradition was practiced in India for over centuries. Ayurveda had evolved over the years and is still trusted by the Indians when it comes to the treatment. The Sanskrit term, Ayurveda means knowledge of life. 

In December 2019, a new virus outbreak in Wuhan, China had become a pandemic in 2020 as it had started affecting the countries globally. And the contagious disease has no specific vaccine or treatment, however, there are a lot of ongoing trials evaluating the potential solution to the pandemic. While the scientists are figuring out on the possible treatment and vaccine for the disease, let’s see how in India, Ayurveda is helping us treat the patients and fight the battle with the virus. 

Dr. Umesh Shukla, from AYUSH, Government of Madhya Pradesh, helps us understand how Ayurveda is contributing to the battle with the pandemic. When asked how is the Ayurvedic kadha/churan has been helping in boosting the immunity of the patient, Dr. Shukla said, “This was originally the idea of a government of India, Ministry of AYUSH, that this kadha has the potential to boost the immunity. Then we started working on it and then we got a very positive response from the people. They felt that it’s effective and noticed a smooth functioning in their respiratory trap. The three reasons why the state government had decided to distribute this to 1 crore people for 10 days is because ‘one- classical reference from Ayurveda, two – already advised from the government of India, three- research studies on animal models have reported immunomodulatory and antiviral properties.’ Revealing that it’s free of cost and the state government is bearing the costs, the doctor also said that it can be made at home. Clarifying the myth that drinking warm water will fade away the infection in our respiratory system, Dr. Shukla shared that there’s no such evidence regarding the same as of now. We might analyze the data in the future if this had any potential in prevention but as of now, there’s no such authentic evidence. 

Clarifying another myth that sunshine can help in prevention from the disease, Dr. Shukla continued, “Since the virus is novel, the studies and researches are new. Some myths have logics behind it and we are trying to incorporate it in treatment too.” Dr. Shukla revealed, “Our medical team is working on a product in the quarantine cases, by taking classical references from the Ayurveda which we are hoping might be effective in the pandemic cases too. Also, the government of India in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have constituted a community, who is working on such proposals all over the nation, in efforts towards developing the vaccine. The combination we are using have already experimented in China and the results were quite effective. Then there are some drugs in our combination, who have proved their effectiveness in diseases with similar symptoms. As of now, we are experimenting in MP and are in talks with other states as well and hopefully collaborate with them in the future.”

Ayurveda in the times of pandemic

Ayurveda in the times of pandemic

Ending on a generous note, Dr. Shukla, on being asked why the figures in cases of the pandemic are increasing despite the lockdown, retorted that we are far better if compared to other countries. All thanks to the strict action of lockdown. Everyone, especially in Bhopal, is following the lockdown and owing to the contagiousness of the disease, there will be an increase in the cases. But still, we are fighting hard and in a way better strategy!


It has been said enough times by everyone concerned that social distancing and isolation are the main weapons to combat this pandemic. While the front-line warriors are already acing their respective jobs to provide us safety, it becomes our responsibility to do our bit too. Earlier, in wars, there was violence and risk of life even inside the house but in this pandemic, all that is required from us is to sit inside our homes and maintain social distancing to save our world. Is that too much to ask?

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