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A not so routine travel

by Akansh Dubey
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not so routine travel

I thought it wud be a routine travel home 

but not today …. it seems like its taking years 

is it you ? or is it the metro drowning in tears 

I m here and there you are 

I m in this fucking metro and yu in your 3000 numbered car


I looked around and saw people of many races 

I was searching for “The Lady” among these unfamiliar faces 


I tried to focus on the subject of class but

I could not concentrate … ALAS!


a kid asked me …where is your usual smile ?? 

I guess she was noticing me for a while 

I said, maybe its coz of the heat of summer huh!!

whom m I kidding I know I was missing her! 😉


a joke crossed my mind and there was no one to share 

my hand missed the hi5 and my eyes missed the stare 


I ‘ll introduce her to people as a friend of mine 

and I m sure they will be jealous coz of our “connection 9”


I love her singing and she appreciates my writing 

I hope our friendship lasts and not end up in fighting 

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