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A Letter To My Love

by Rashmeet Kaur
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Dear love,

No, they did not agree. Yes, I tried my best. I cried I pleaded, I begged, I rebelled, I refused food, I even said I’ll look for a job to stay with you, but they simply did not agree. Nobody did. Frankly, I knew that I was going to be a lone fighter in this war, but I had expected a little help from my sister. I had thought she liked you. But I guess, their eyes are covered by the golden blindfold of his beauty and his wealth. Yes, he is offering my family a sprawling 2 BHK, with 2 huge balconies apartment. And you, as I quote ‘have dreams of being Ambani while having the lifestyle of Sudama.’ Don’t get him wrong or judge him. He is simply offering something because he wants to show his affection to my family, which is soon going to be his too. Everyone is happy, except me, the one who is to wed this poster boy, who seems perfect, but how much of perfection he has, that can only be gauged when I go to him when I’ll be near him.

I know I am sounding like a loser. I also know that I am breaking that promise of never giving up on you. But trust me, I am not. I will never give up on you. And even if I do, your ocean deep eyes, your husky voice, and your lively aura will never ever keep you away from my thoughts. Like my heartbeats, I will keep you in my heart, so that every time I breathe, I am reminded that you are the reason why I am alive. And yes, I am going just because my family wants me to. But every day, I will wake up with the sole aim of coming back to you. For in your loving embrace is where I feel mukammal, complete.

Dear Mumbai, you have and you will always be my one true love and though I am wedded to Pune, I will break these fetters and come back, whenever the conditions are right.

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