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7 Habits of Successful people

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When do we see Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon),  Bill Gates( Co-founder of Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook),  Oprah Winfrey (well-known entrepreneur) we often think how they became so successful in life? Do they know any magic? No, the secret is they have some daily habits; they have a mindset that helps them to become successful.

What we are today is the result of what we do every day. Every little thing counts in life, my friend. So I am summing up some habits that most successful people have in common. It’s ok that you are not master of these every habit, nobody is perfect, right? But being aware of these habits is a baby step towards success.


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Successful people are students for life. They know learning is the only way for growing.  They read books to learn, but they only pick those books which add value to their life. They can learn from their peers, they can learn online. Learning sharpens their skills. Sharpening their skills help to achieve more success.

So never stop learning.

Team Player:

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Successful people are always very collaborative in nature. They believe in a team game.

They share their ideas with everyone, they take feedback, learn from them. Not only they build their life but also uplift others.


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A wise man said that your NETWORK is your NETWORTH.

Successful people are experts in networking. They spend time with likeminded people. By doing this they keep motivating them. Successful people make relationships with those people from whom they can learn something. They build trust among themselves. The art of networking is a must-have skill nowadays.


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We all have some goals in our life but how many of us actually work hard to reach that goal? Very handful of people does that.

People who are successful are very goal-oriented. They take baby steps every day to achieve their goal. They have a well-structured plan on how to reach the goal.

There is a concept of SMART goals. S- Specific   M- Measurable  A-Attainable  R-Relevant  T-timely. To be successful they always make goals using this concept.

Never give up

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Never giving up is a very obvious habit, right? Unless how they reach this level of success. Despite how many times they fail, they tried one more time. Giving consistent effort to their work, make them successful. Successful people are always optimistic. They know that even if they fail, they can bounce back. The one reason for their consistency is they love the journey, not the result. Being consistent about what you are doing and never giving up is the ultimate.

Live an organized life

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Successful people live a very balanced and organized life. They always make to-do lists to organize their life. They know how to prioritize their tasks. They are very self-disciplined. Self-discipline and success go hand in hand. Being disciplined pushes them to achieve more.

But that doesn’t mean that their life is all work, no play. They take their health very seriously. They always make time for relaxation. They do everyday exercise, they practice mindfulness. Successful people know how to make time for every important thing in their life.

Practice Gratitude

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“ Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it ” – William Arthur Ward

All successful people have this common habit of practicing gratitude to be happy and thankful in their life. By practicing gratitude one can live a more meaningful life. Our life is filled with external bad powers and we can’t ignore that, but the thing is we can make peace with it. By practicing gratitude successful people give fuel to their brain.


These are some less talked habits that I want to share with you all. Millennials often confused about how they can be successful. Hope this helps.

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Great article sunetra

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Well articulated!!!


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