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5 Terrifying Tinder Stories That Will Give You Nightmares

by Grishma Indap
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Terrifying Tinder Stories 3

5 terrifying tinder stories that will give you nightmares.

We keep on hearing so many stories about how people met the love of their life on Tinder. But, sometimes going on a tinder date with a stranger you met online can be awkward and weird sometimes, these 5 stories might make you feel lucky that you are alone right now.

The stories which I’m putting you off on are from famous forums and some by people I know. The stories are from the perspective of men and women because anyone can go through weird tinder dates.

1. Psycho wine lady

I was new to the whole dating app, I had an alert that there was a perfect match for me. Her name was Maya. After a week of getting to know one another on chat, we set a date to finally meet at her place. When I went to her house, she offered me a glass of wine. We started talking and suddenly I got a text message from my friend, “Don’t drink anything at her place”, he said.

I felt weird, so I came up with some sort of excuse to leave early from her place. When I got to the door to leave, she tried to block the door, staring at me as if I robbed her house. I ran the hell out of there. I went to my friend’s house who warned me not to drink anything. When I asked my friend, he said, “He heard from his cousin that Maya is a complete psycho, she spikes your drink and forces you to sleep with her. If you don’t she threatens you”. After I left, I’d 20 notifications on my phone, saying where are you, why did you leave, what did I do, and so on. But the last two were more disturbing which made me change my contact number and delete the app, “ You can’t be away from me, I have your contact number and I know your face, Lol.”

Terrifying Tinder Stories

2. The Devil’s mind

I met a guy on Tinder, he was charming and very sophisticated,  everything was going smooth and we both arranged for the date at the beautiful restaurant. We both were having an amazing time until he decided to go to his place after dinner. I hesitated at first, but we went anyway. We started watching a movie and he kissed me. It felt special!

After some time, he went into the kitchen to get something to eat. He took almost 30 minutes to get the food when I went to the kitchen to check. I was shattered, I saw equipment with him like a complex toolset, which could be easy as a torture device, more pieces of equipment which are used for BDSM and the most terrifying thing was there was a camera attached to a tripod which was ready for live streaming. I ran out of the house without making him realize that I saw him and called the police.

The police told me that I was going to be one of his victims like a few other girls. He makes videos of the girls and blackmails them for money. After that, I decided I would never ever go on a date with a stranger.

Terrifying Tinder Stories 1

3. Curvy girl fetish

I’m a curvy girl, and I never tried to hide it. I was talking to this nice guy and we hit it off straight away. We met at the concert, he saw me and the first words he said to me were, “Oh, I love curvy girls, you’re so hot!.” I took it as a compliment. We were having a great time at a concert and suddenly I felt someone was grabbing my ass. When I looked behind he started humping me from behind, I asked him to stop and he said,” I wanna lick you”. I was about to throw up, I just ran from that concert to save myself from that creepy guy. I blocked him from everywhere and to date I’m scared to meet a new guy.

4. Wedding fever

I met a girl who was my first date that was a blind date off Tinder. She invited me over to her house for dinner, completely unaware that her parents would be there. I went, everyone started welcoming me and the girl actually invited me for some family get together. Her elder sister asked me, “Are you the one?” I didn’t have the heart to tell her we just met on tinder. After I left her house, she started messaging me that she’s missing me already. Trust me, it was very weird and I stopped replying to her messages. On the fourth day, I get a random text from the girl saying, “I wanna marry you or else I’ll kill myself!”. She started showing up at my house, at my work and I swear that’s when I decided to never meet any stranger girl ever. After a few days, I went to her place and told her parents everything. I hope she’s fine now!

Terrifying Tinder Stories 2

5. Who pees on you?

I met this guy on tinder and we decided to meet at the bar. Trust me, he was very handsome. We got a bit drunk, and we were dancing like crazy. I kissed him and eventually, we proceeded to make out against a wall outside the ladies’ washroom. It was a nice sizzling moment and I was about to ask him to go and make out in my car. That’s when I realized my legs felt wet. I thought I peed because we both were super drunk.

The fact was he was peeing on me and he didn’t even realize. I screamed and the worst part was some girls who were coming out of the washroom also saw and took a video. I ran from that bar, blocked him and took a long shower, and swore I would never go out with a guy for drinks.

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