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2020 was indeed blessing in disguise.

by Chetan Raj
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blessing in disguise

When it comes to life there’s always positive and negative and this can be applied to what we considered as important and it’s up to us to choose the best and I chose to be positive over and over and I’m a firm believer that nothing in life is a coincidence, it’s always working with a law of cause and effect.

I refer to 2020 in my life as a blessing in disguise because of the two most important things, the first one is my lifestyle and the second one for mother earth. As a teenager we were been restricted by our teachers not to bring cellphones to school and colleges, we were being told even by our parents not to order groceries from online, we were been restricted to use cellphones in the workplace and we were being told internet would be the root of all evil. However, if we look at 2020 we see the tremendous change, the same schools and colleges who told no to cellphones are insisting to use more for zoom classes, we are ordering groceries from online as it’s only the safest method, we are attending the meeting from the bedroom by wearing shorts and blazer and everyone are realizing the importance of internet and apart from this, there are many things which went wrong like people losing a job, getting pay cut, couldn’t travel to native, recision and many more but I’m not here to share the negative aspect of the world, as I mentioned, in the beginning, I choose positivity and that’s the key for all greatness in the world.

The world is healing, the grass looks greener everywhere, there is less air pollution and because of all this one gets to spend more time with their beloved ones for more than a month and what more one needs than this. And the only thing which I realized this year is that we need to have passive income and not to be dependent on only one job that we are doing currently.

We spend lakhs of money for our education for more than 16 years to get a job which pays us in thousands. And in return we are helping someone else dream to fulfill by suppressing our dreams and when the tough time hits people won’t even think of removing us from the place where we belong.

And I spent most of the time in improving my skills by reading books and watching videos only because I am not a person who wants to work for someone to build their dreams where there’s no respect or appreciation. There are books out there which can change the way you think for the rest of your life but the question is are you willing to look at it? If yes then better get going, do whatever it takes, use whatever you have to start something new so that you don’t depend upon only one source of income and you get the opportunity to work on your dreams which you always dreamt from teenage.

When you emit a thought that you’re looking for something so that you could earn extra income, you will attract people and opportunities and when something shows up, believe it with your gut and go for it because nothing in life is coincidence or accident. Everything is cause and effect.

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