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10 little things we all wanna do once lockdown gets over

by Grishma Indap
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I remember I was out running in the evening, after my run went for a sleepover at my friend’s place, partying and drinking. It was just one day before the ‘Lockdown’. It’s been more than 2 months now since India has been in a state of, Lockdown with the majority of people staying at home. The medical team is working incredibly hard to help the patients and we must stay home to keep us and others safe by not putting any more pressure on the hospital staff.

A lot of people are missing their normal schedule and missing their simple choices like going to the gym, pub, meeting friends, or simply running in a park.

All we are doing is making banana bread, working from home, or maintaining social distance at the grocery stores. For me this free time has been monopolized by a round of endless sleep, eating, and overthinking. This time has taught us important life lessons of not taking our daily routine, nature, and our precious relationship with our dear ones for granted.

So quarantine has given us a free time to think about things to do, we have created a to-do list which we all wanna do after lockdown is over.

  1. Meeting street food wale bhaiyas: We all are missing our street food in these difficult times. All we are craving is Dahi-puri, Pani puri, memos, and some aloo chaat. The first thing we are going to do is run, meet bhaiya, and indulge in guilt-free street food. I personally can’t wait to have steam momos and Dahi puri.
  2. Sit-down at restaurant and bar again: One of the things a lot of adults are missing is sitting at the restaurant and bar. We literally took granted just being able to sit next to someone. After the lockdown, the first thing we all gonna do is we’ll be running to the restaurants and bars for chilled booze and relaxing time with your friends or alone.
  3. Having friends get together: We are having the hardest time by not being able to go out and meet friends. After lockdown, definitely we are going to meet up, hug them, and enjoy a big glass of beer with them.
  4. Booking a hotel with your loved ones: All the hotel reservations are going to be full after lockdown. Because, long-distance couples are just desperate to see each other and obviously, missing their romantic times. Post lockdown all they wanna do is book the most romantic room and spend time with each other.
  5. Being able to go outside: One of the biggest problems we are facing is that we all are missing the choice of going out. Many people stay in a flat where they don’t have a garden. After lockdown, it would be the nicest thing to go for a walk outside and enjoy the natural world more.
  6. Working back in the office: Ever imagined that we want to go back to the office again? Working from home is great but we started missing our colleagues. Post lockdown, it will be exciting to actually have face to face meetings instead of virtual ones.
  7. Going on a shopping spree: Since we are not going on a shopping trip, we’re saving up a lot of money. So, once this is over we all are going for a shopping spree with all the saved up money.
  8. Getting an appointment at the parlour: Oh, well we all need a grooming appointment at our favorite parlour and salon after this lockdown. This time we’re actually missing our parlor didi.
  9. Return to sport: People who love playing some or other sport are just waiting to get on a track. Desperately they’re missing their buddies to get together and play football or some other sport like before. Stay hopeful, active bunnies!
  10. 10. Enjoying weddings: A lot of people had to cancel their weddings during the outbreak. But the best thing is once this is all over we’ll have loads to go to and who doesn’t love Shadi ka khana, dressing up for weddings and getting together with your cousins or friends? 

We all are going to fly like a free bird in a few days, hopefully!

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