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10 Indian Food Instagrammers Who Will Fill Your Feed With Goodness While Leaving You Drooling!

by Grishma Indap
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10 Indian Food Instagrammers

Some people eat to live, whereas there are people who live to eat! Food is not just a source of energy, it’s the ultimate happiness. Food ties the whole world together, from thanksgiving feast to dinner dates to Indian weddings to Diwali lunch. Food is everything, and if you’re a big-time foodie it means the food has a special place in your heart. I spend most of the time thinking about what I should eat for lunch or what mom is making for breakfast the next morning or from which restaurant I should order, the list never ends. Lucky us, we Indians have so many options to choose from, there’s so much food around that 100 days aren’t enough to complete the list. India has diverse food options, from Fluffy Idlis to Buttery Parathas to Biryani to Puran-Poli to Chats the list goes on and on. In addition to lip-smacking Indian cuisine, there are so many Indian chefs, food bloggers, home cooks and food lovers who take us on a magically delicious journey through their posts, photos and cooking videos. They are taking over social media and making us food look drool-worthy!

They promote food as an art and the Instagram feed of Indian Instagrammers will give you a major foodgasm. One scroll down is enough to make you go crazy with those scrumptious dishes that you can’t resist. Plus, some Instagrammers also teach their followers how to cook fancy dishes by yourself at home. When so much is going on Instagram,  you just can’t take away a chance to tickle your taste bud with yum-yum posts. If you’re a food lover, it’s never too late to follow food Instagrammers who will brighten up your day in no time with their gorgeous clicks.

Here’s a list of 15 Indian food bloggers to feast your eyes!

1. Bellyycious

Bellyycious - Indian Food Bloggers

A Bellyycious Nikhil is a food curator from Delhi, this Instagram account is a dream account for any foodie. His will probably force you to pick up your phone and order something straight away. You can also use #bellycious to get featured.

2. Foodhunter_sabu

Foodhunter_sabu - Indian Food Bloggers Foodhunter_sabu’s food pictures are simply divine. His food gallery on Instagram gives us major food goals whenever we look at it. The page is pretty packed with Indian flavours, that makes you crave for delicious Indian food.


The foodie dad - Indian Food Bloggers

If you are a real foodie, this foodie’s dad page is for you. He is a passionate foodie who started his page to take food lovers on a delicious journey trying out cuisines from every corner.

His page is making us hungry all over again!


Delectable Reveries - Indian Food Bloggers Vernika’s page is all things delicious. She adds charm to her Instagram page with beautiful food photographs which are sure to make you drool. She ends expertise in the food and beverage industry via critiques, travelogues and visual narration.

5. Namansfoodclub

Namansfoodclub - Indian Food Bloggers

Why it’s worth following, an 18-year-old’s Instagram creations will leave you speechless and craving for food. A self-taught, who works wonders in the kitchen; simply creating, and capturing the quality treat for the eyes.

6. Fooodfriends

Fooodfriends - Indian Food Bloggers

Rakshanda has an interesting method of cooking, it is so entertaining to watch her cooking videos. She loves to capture food in aesthetic form, including every ingredient involved around a dish. She’s indeed giving constant happy vibes through her mouth-watering videos.

7. Plate too Plate

Plate too Plate - Indian Food Bloggers Don’t have time to go through a whole lot of food blogs? Prarthana will make you want to throw your dieting to the winds with her Instagram account. Her food styling and photography skills are impressive and have a range of delectable treats and desserts for your eyes to gorge on.

8. Thoughts over chai

Thoughts over chai - Indian Food Bloggers Tasneem works wonders in the kitchen, she will make you believe that all her delightful creations are worth gorging on in no time. Her recipes are super easy and are well presented that will delight your senses. Her passion for cooking and food styling makes us hungry for more.

9. All about that Palate

All about that Palate - Indian Food Bloggers The doctor turned award-winning Food + Props Stylist and Photographer, Alok’s page is an absolute treat to your eyes. He is one of the best food influencers who make our crave for scrumptious dishes made with such precision.

10. Fun Food and Frolic

Fun Food and Frolic - Indian Food Bloggers If you’re all about food, food and food, this account is the one for you. From making Indian desserts to everything, Hina excels in creating simple yet authentic dishes by making them look simply mouth-watering. Her Instagram page about her creations looks amazingly delish.

It’s never too late to follow and feast on the delicious spreads laid out for our eyes. So, bust out your smartphones and start scrolling!


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