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Best Honey in India

Well, today, we are going to talk about the most versatile kitchen ingredient, and that is none other than honey! Honey is sweet, brings a lot of health benefits in our life. From skincare to weight loss, this one single ingredient takes care of all.

Pure honey tastes sweet. The ingredient has a very subtle taste with a warm undertone and a very smooth texture. No matter how you consume honey, it will not harm you or your body in any way.

Top 10 Best Made In India Honey Brands 

Today we are exploring Top 10 best brands of honey in India. The product is sold for its fantastic health benefits.

Phondaghat Pharmacy

Made In India Honey Brands - Phondaghat Pharmacy

Established in the year 1952, the phondaghat pharmacy is an Agmark certified company. Their honey falls in the category of ayurvedic honey. This means that the product doesn’t consist of any artificial ingredients, antibiotics, or artificial sweeteners. The phonadghat pharmacy manufactures a great range of products with a turnover of around 2-5 crores annually which includes rose gulkand, amla murabba, bel murabba, rose water and honey with the usage of only natural ingredients.


  • Agmark certified 100% Pure and Natural Honey
  • Contains No Preservations
  • Nutrious health supplement
  • Price: 190 Inr, 500g

Nutriwish: Acacia Honey

Made In India Honey Brands - Nutriwish Acacia Honey

Nutriwish is well-regarded superfood brand in India. The brand is established recently and is a startup company. The motive of the brand is to serve India with pure organic products at affordable prices unlike the brands who quote double price and call the product organic. No doubt, this is for the people who are absolute fitness freaks. The type of honey manufactured by the company is not processed in any processed or harmful way.


  • No Addes Sugars, Syrups or Extenders
  • 100% pure and natural
  • No Artificial Flavorings or Colorings
  • Contain No Preservatives
  • Price: 360 Inr, 350g


Made In India Honey Brands - HITKARI HONEY

One of the most trusted brands of honey in India Hitakari honey. The brand was established back in 2010. The best quality of the brand is that they don’t use any artificial antibiotics to produce honey which makes it more reliable and trust in the products. The brand claims to be operated in season only unlike the other big manufacturers companies who produces honey throughout the year. These days the brand has started the manufacture of various health drinks and sharbat.


  • Woody aroma and a flavor that is complex, lingering and rich
  • As pure as nature intended
  • As a natural sweetener, it’s a healthy substitute forsugar

Beez Honey

Made In India Honey Brands - Beez Honey

Though this honey brand is not that old but has been producing high-quality honey for the last ten years from now, the company specializes in making different types of honey-like brassica, lychee, eucalyptus and sunflower. This is another Indian that produces the best quality, organic honey. Throughout the ages, the brand has maintained it’s quality by creating 4000 tons of honey in a year.


  • 100% natural, creamy honey is a harmonious compositions of Himalayan flora
  • No additives, color, flavors or sugar
  • Crystallization is a natural process since honey contains glucose, fructose, sucrose, and maltose
  • Price : 190 Inr, 500g

Apis: Himalaya Honey

Made In India Honey Brands - Apis Himalaya Honey

How can we even forget about the APIs brand while talking about honey? The brand brings pure natural love sourced exclusively from the Himalayas and established in the year 1988 at new Delhi. The company has a superb client base because of the premium products offered by the company. The annual turnover of the company is around 50 lakhs.


  • Wild honey bees collect nectar from Himalayan flowers to create this rare honey
  • Woody aroma and a flavor that is complex, lingering and rich
  • As a natural sweetener, it’s a healthy substitute for sugar
  • Price: 172 Inr, 500g

Lion: Dates Kashmir Honey

Made In India Honey Brands - Lion Dates Kashmir Honey

Lion Kashmir honey manufactured and packed by lion date Impex PVT LTD. The company was established in 1978 and is now one of the most leading companies in terms of health-related products. The company is also known as India’s largest dates processing and trading company.


  • Sourced from the finest apiaris of india
  • Extracted and packed as per the Agmark standards
  • It contains energy, protein, carbohydrates, natural sugar, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus & iron
  • Do not keep the honey in refrigerator. Honey tends to crystallize and can be liquefies by placing in hot water or sunlight
  • Price: 367 Inr, 1.5 kg 

Mantra Organic

Made In India Honey Brands - Mantra Organic

Founded in 2004 24 mantra is a pioneer in organic foods. Since the last 16 years, the brand has served the users with a great variety of organic food products, including honey too. Mantra organic honey is a filtered kind of honey. This honey brand is widely prevalent among kids because of its good purified quality.


  • Certified Organic
  • No preservatives, No chemicals
  • High nutritional values
  • Organic and pure Himalayan multiflower honey
  • Useful for treating respiratory problems, cough, cold and other allergies
  • Price: 130 Inr, 250g


Made In India Honey Brands - DYU honey

DYU in Sanskrit means to glow, and that’s what the brand stands for. The brand sells pure artisanal and naturally extracted honey and other products. DYU honey is Sourced from Karnataka’s western ghats; the brand serves the pure raw honey with great health benefits


  • Pronounced [dh-yuh] means glow in Sanskrit
  • Naturally extracted pure forest honey from western ghats in Dakshina Kannada
  • Pure Natural Sweet Taste
  • Enhanced therapeutic quality and can act as a sweet option for Bad throat, cold and cough etc.

Zandu Honey

Made In India Honey Brands - Zandu Honey

Zandu company has been ruling in India since quite a long time till now. The main focus of the company is in manufacturing ayurvedic health-related products. Honey is one of the best and leading product manufactured by the zandu.


  • All natural sweetener is loaded with nature’s goodness
  • Convenient dispensing feature
  • Provides quick energy
  • Natural sweetener, easily digested

Dabur: Honey Squeezy

Made In India Honey Brands - Dabur Honey Squeezy

Dabur is one of the most popular India’s ayurvedic medicine, and natural consumer products manufacture. The brand has been for centuries and has a strong customer base by creating a positive impact on the minds of people. The company was found in 1884 by S.K. Burman. The net income of the company is around Rs 14.46 Billion. The primary source of manufacturing of their ingredients for honey is Sundarbans forest which is chemical-free.


  • Known for many health benefits and its rich taste
  • Dabur Honey is said to be India’s bestselling honey
  • It is pure and high in quality too
  • Great source of energy, it aids digestion, relieves cough and throat irritation
  • Daily use of Honey in warm water will help stay fir and flaunt a glowing skin
  • Price: 195 Inr, 400g


So dear readers, these are the top 10 honey brands in India. The honey is exclusively manufactured in India in a very decent and subtle way. Get your hands on any brand, and we take the guarantee that it will serve you with the best health benefits.

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