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10 Best Basmati Rice Brands In India

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In India, Rice is like an icing on the cake. Without Rice, the meal in India is not complete. It gives a feeling of satisfaction. Rice is the largest consuming food in the World. Not only in India the foreign countries also love to eat Rice. These days different types of Rice’s are available in the market like brown Rice, pink Rice and white Rice which is very common of all kinds.

People considering them as fitness freaks are moving towards the foreign brands which, according to them, helps in maintaining their body in shape. It is just not like that, instead of by doing that you are just ditching your countries brand ad profiting others. Indian brands too put a lot of efforts in making the best quality products and hence we should go vocal for local!

Rice can be made in so many ways, and in the World, many recipes are available for Rice. Rice has many forms, whether it is a fine long grain or a small one which has been used daily. So here we present the list of some top brands in India producing most refined grains of Rice.


Basmati Rice Brands In India - INDIA GATE BASMATI RICEWhen it comes to choosing in Basmati Rice brands, the first name comes in mind is INDIA GATE. This was established in 1889. India gate rice is the product of KRBL Limited. This is the first company who started making long refined grains of Rice. This is a premium brand which has so many categories. They make refined, long premium grains which results in long fluffy cooked Rice. They assure the quality of their product. There are so many types in this brand so you can use daily also.

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Basmati Rice Brands In India - DAAWAT RICEDaawat rice is the product of LT Foods owned by Mr V. K. Arora. They have a wide range of daily uses for special occasions. Their refined white grains to brown Rice are their delicacy. Interestingly their Brand Ambassador is Mr Amitabh Bachchan, who himself increases the authenticity. They are aged for two years before serving to the customers.

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Basmati Rice Brands In India - KOHINOOR BASMATI RICEKohinoor is the brand of Mc.Cormick&Co.and Kohinoor Speciality Foods India Pvt. Ltd. Their aromatic basmati rice is their signature product. People who avoid gluten they can use this Rice as it is gluten-free. The age this Rice for so long. It can be used regularly or to make biryani or jeera rice.

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Basmati Rice Brands In India - SHRILALMAHAL EMPIRE BASMATI RICEShrilalmahal Empire Basmati Rice is the product of Shrilalamahal Group of companies. The company was established in 1907. They are on the way of making sugar, cholesterol and fat-free Rice. Everyone loves Rice, but some people avoid because of the fat and sugar content if they succeed in making Rice without sugar and fat, they will lead the market.

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Basmati Rice Brands In India - LAL QILLA BASMATI RICELal Qilla Basmati rice is owned by Amar Singh Chawal wala (ASCW) Company. This Rice is also called as “puranimalai” because they age the Rice for at least  two years before serving the customers. They have a very premium range of Rice. They are in this business from 1900. And they are managing their customer very smoothly with their best product. They grow their crops in the Himalaya range, and it makes it more desirable.

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Basmati Rice Brands In India - PATANJALI SAMPOORN TRADITIONAL BASMATI RICEPatanjali sampoorn traditional basmati rice is the product of Patanjali Ayurveda owned by Baba Ramdev. The brand emerged in 2016. They produce high-quality products at low rates. The reason for low prices is the direct relations with farmers and owing rice mills. They have their rice mills which cut the cost of the final product. They make premium rice in the reach of ordinary people.

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Basmati Rice Brands In India - FORTUNE RICEFortune Basmati Rice is the product of Fortune rice ltd. Adani Group and Wilmar International own them. It was established in 1993. Birmati Special basmati rice is their delicacy which is used to make Biryani. They process the product in various stages to get a satisfactory product as a result. Their shelf life is 37 years, and it is so suitable for daily uses or to making pulav or Biryani.

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Basmati Rice Brands In India - TATA SAMPANN BASMATI RICE Tata Sampann comes under Tata consumer product owned by Tata Group. The brand name is the guarantee of quality in itself. So we can trust the quality. They are trying their best to emerge in the market with their best quality rice. For now, this product is not readily available, but sooner they will be in every store.

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Basmati Rice Brands In India - KHAAS PREMIUM BASMATI RICEKHAAS premium basmati rice is the product of KHAASFOODS Pvt Ltd. They grow it in the range of Himalayas. This Rice is gluten-free, so people who are health conscious can consume this Rice without any hesitation. This helps weight loss also. The aroma of the Rice will give you a feel of richness.

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Basmati Rice Brands In India - AMAZON BRAND- VEDAKA SUPER BASMATI RICEAmazon owns this brand. You can consider it as it is a great product. This is an FSSAI certified basmati rice. And the packaging fulfils all the standards. This product is readily available on Amazon. The prices are less so you can use it daily.

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Rice is the food you can try when you have no idea what to cook. I love Rice as it fulfils my cravings. In India, people are crazy about Rice, and in some foreign countries, this is the leading food. So guys get your portion right now by getting your hands on any above mentioned Indian rice brands.

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